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Gambling Preference

We have a Gambling Preference option available to help customers  plan and manage their credit card spend. You may use it to plan and manage your credit card debt by preventing the authorisation of transactions which are registered under the merchant category code ‘Betting/Casino Gambling’. The Gambling Preference option  is available on all personal credit cards.

Simply call our Customer Care  team on  131 900 between Monday to Friday 9:00am-6:00pm AEST to activate this option. For more information, please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions for your credit card.

Frequently asked questions

The Gambling Preference feature is designed to help customers manage their credit card spend. The primary cardholder will need to call Customer Care to activate the Gambling Preference. This optional feature allows the primary cardholder to request us to prevent authorisations from merchants registered under the Merchant Category ‘Betting/Casino Gambling’ from being approved. 

To request this option on your credit card(s) please call Customer Care on 131 900.

No, only transactions for merchants offering a credit facility registered under the merchant category ‘Betting/Casino Gambling’ will be prevented.  There are instances when we can’t identify the transaction as a gambling transaction, for example, where the merchant processes some gambling transactions but their primary business is categorised under another Merchant Category e.g. purchasing lottery tickets from newsagents.

There are also other situations where we may not be able to comply with a request to decline authorisation of gambling related transactions. These include:

  • when it is a recurring transaction that you have authorised,
  • where you use  available credit to use BPAY or to draw down cash from an ATM to make a payment,
  • where our systems are "off-line", or otherwise impaired or interrupted, and
  • where we don’t receive the transaction authorisation request for our review and for processing by our system

To activate the Gambling Preference option on your credit card(s) please call Customer Care on 131 900.

Gambling activities can provide recreation and entertainment for many people. However, for some individuals it can lead to financial hardship, affecting not just the individual but their family and community. The Gambling Preference option is designed to help customers to manage their credit card spending.

Gambling transactions on credit facilities are normally regarded as ‘cash in advance’ and may attract higher interest rates. Preventing gambling transactions from being authorised enables you to exercise more control over your primary credit card and any additional cards.

Call our Customer Care team between Monday to Friday 9:00am-6:00pm AEST  to have the Gambling Preference  activated that day

Yes, the primary cardholder can cancel this service by calling Customer Care on 131 900. It may take up to 2 business days to be processed.

No, only the primary cardholder can authorise activation or deactivation of the Gambling Preference option.

Yes, at this stage we are only able to provide the service for credit cards. This option is not available for debit cards.