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How we keep your credit cards secure

We use the latest technology to keep your cards secure

We have a number of processes and best practice solutions in place to help protect our customers and reduce incidents of fraud. These include:

  • CardShield®
  • Online Transaction Security Guarantee
  • 24/7 Fraud Protection
  • CHIP technology
  • Westpac's Added Online Security.


CardShield® guards you against fraudulent activity. This means you can:

Buy anything you like, on any website

Your card's Online Transaction Security Guarantee means that we guarantee you will not be liable for the amount of any online transaction made without your knowledge or consent providing we are notified of that transaction before the due date shown on the card account statement.

Rest easy with 24/7 fraud protection

This monitors every transaction for irregular activity. If a suspicious transaction is detected, our fraud specialists will call you to verify it.

Use the latest security feature – CHIP technology

We will gradually upgrade existing Westpac Visa and Mastercard® credit cards to feature an embedded microchip that will give you access to the latest in credit card security.

Why CHIP technology provides more security for your card

CHIP technology uses a security microchip embedded in your credit card to securely store your personal data (e.g. your name, card number and expiry date) rather than storing it on the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

CHIP is a more effective counter-measure against counterfeit and skimming fraud. The microchip stores information more securely than the magnetic stripe, which makes it far harder to fraudulently copy your credit card details.

You still need your magnetic stripe on your card to support terminals that haven't yet been upgraded to CHIP technology.

When you'll receive your CHIP card

Westpac Visa and Mastercard® cards are being progressively migrated to CHIP.

When we send you your new Westpac CHIP card, the accompanying letter and information leaflet will clearly state that it's a CHIP card. You will also be able to see the CHIP on your card – a small metallic square on the left-hand side of your card above your card number.

When you receive the card, you must:

  • Sign your new CHIP card immediately
  • Start using it immediately for all new purchases
  • Ensure your old card is disposed of securely. We recommend that you cut it up into small pieces before disposing of it.

You need a new PIN to use an ATM or use your card overseas

If you want to use your new CHIP card to withdraw cash from ATMs, you will need a new PIN. Your CHIP card can be used in ATMs in Australia and overseas.

Some countries (like the UK) require your PIN to verify purchases instead of signing and we recommend that you always know your PIN when travelling overseas. You can use your CHIP card in the same locations overseas as your current card and in exactly the same way as your current card.

PINs for personal and business customers

  • If you currently use a PIN, we will automatically re-issue you with a new one. This will be sent to you within 10 days of receiving your new CHIP card. You can continue to use your existing credit card and current PIN until this new PIN is issued
  • Personal customers: If you currently do not use a PIN, call us on 132 032 and we will send you one.
  • Business customers: If you currently do not use a PIN, call us on 132 142 and we will send you one.

PINs for commercial customers

  • We will send you a PIN for your new CHIP card if you  have not made a transaction using your magnetic stripe card and PIN at an EFTPOS terminal within the last 12 months
  • We will send you a PIN for your new CHIP card if you did not have a PIN on your old magnetic stripe card.

What happens if I key in the incorrect PIN?

You can make 3 attempts to key in your PIN and then it will be blocked. It can be reset at any Westpac branch when you bring in your new CHIP card and photo identification.

If you are overseas and block your PIN, call our overseas customer service number on+61 2 9155 7700 and we will arrange for a new PIN to be sent to your location.

Your can change your PIN to a number that best suits you

Go to any Westpac branch where a member of staff will help you change your PIN. You just need to bring in your new CHIP card and photo identification.

What will be different when I use my new CHIP card?

Until merchants upgrade to the new technology, you will continue to swipe your card and sign receipts. Once the technology has been upgraded, there will be slight differences to the way your payment is processed:

  • You will insert your CHIP card into the payment terminal and leave it there throughout the transaction process
  • You can either enter your PIN or sign the generated receipt to authorise the transaction and your card will be removed.

Westpac's Added Online Security

Get extra security when you shop at participating online retailers with Mastercard Identity Check and Visa Secure through the Westpac Added Online Security service

Things you should know

Mastercard® is a registered trademark, and Mastercard ID Check™ is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.