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Start kicking your savings goals sooner

Keeping your motivation moving 

Once you know what you’re saving for, these simple tips can help keep the motivation magic on track.

Be clear what you’re saving for

Keep in mind what you’re saving for and how good it’ll feel once you’ve reached your goal.


Save small and save often

Even adding a little bit to your savings on a regular basis will soon start to build up (you can always increase how much you’re saving later on).

Keep your eye on the prize

Checking in to see how much progress you’ve made feels good - really good! Make sure you have a way to visualise how you’re progressing to help you stay pumped.

Discover goals at Westpac

Whatever you're saving for, Westpac Life makes it easy to manage all your savings goals with just the one account.

Things you should know


Before making a decision about any of our products or services, please read all the terms and conditions. Fees and charges apply and may change. 
Savings Goals: Both an account holder and an authorised user can use the Savings Goals feature, including to view, add, edit and delete the savings goals on a Westpac Life or Bump account.
Westpac Life account:
to open a Westpac Life account you need to be aged 18+ (if you’re under 18, check out our Bump savings account)
Westpac everyday account: To open a Westpac Life or Bump account, customers must hold a Westpac everyday account in the same name and be registered for Online and Phone Banking.  Fees and charges may apply on the everyday account.