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Travel security

When we travel, day to day challenges can be magnified because of unfamiliar or distracting environments, foreign languages, fatigue from jet lag, to simply being in a rush.

But by following these tips and staying alert, you can reduce the risk of fraud or a lost or stolen card:


Peak travel time is peak criminal time

For those who travel internationally around more popular time periods (school holidays) or seasons (summer for warmer weather or winter for skiing), be aware that such increased tourist numbers also represents potential for increased scams or crooks keen to part you from your hard earned cash, smartphone or credit card:


  • Don't let this put you off venturing out; just exercise due diligence and caution
  • Be careful of what financial data you store on your smartphone, because if lost or stolen, security could be compromised
  • Take extra care when using ATMs overseas; look for anything suspicious, and if something seems out of place or abnormal, find a different machine.