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Having a baby – our video about what you should expect. Watch the video here

What you should expect

You’ve got to think of names, work out a birth plan, learn to change nappies, and on top of all that you’ve got to consider how to cover the cost of having a baby. See our FAQs for more. 


What’s involved throughout the process

Help from your partner, family and friends is important. There are also support services offered by the Government, and we want to help in any way we can too. Whether you’re planning, pregnant or have had your baby, our resources aim to help you navigate this period. We can also help you manage your mortgage during this exciting time with our Parental Leave Options Checklist. Download the Checklist (PDF 73KB)


Cost of having a baby

We also want to celebrate your new family member by lending a hand. While babies need a LOT of nappies, they don’t need designer clothes or fancy gadgets. Take advantage of our budgeting tool to work out what you can afford. 


Whether you’re thinking about having your first or another child, preparing for the financial changes ahead is important.


Equally amazing and overwhelming – pregnancy may be a rollercoaster ride while still trying to get everything else ready. Help getting things on track.

New baby

Congratulations! You’re no doubt going through some major adjustments – worrying about finances shouldn’t be one of them. Tools, resources and information to help you.

Family maternity leave

Discover all aspects of maternity and parental leave including your eligibility, entitlements, how to apply and more.

5 Tips for mums going back to work after a baby

Every working mum asks the million-dollar question after giving birth: are you ready to go back to work?

What are the costs of having a baby?

Every new parent asks themselves this question. You’ve got a little bundle of joy on the way, and you want to get your finances in order.

Frequently Asked Questions

A time of great excitement and probably a few uncertainties, having a baby can feel overwhelming, especially during Covid-19. Various restrictions and unknowns imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, including testing positive and mask wearing during labour, are top of mind for new parents.

Covid-19 issues aside, you may be keen to know the baby’s gender, especially if you’re planning a gender reveal party. Or, you want to understand the pros and cons of disposable and cloth nappies. You may also want to work out a birth plan. This is usually a written plan which describes what you would like to happen during labour and birth.

Childbirth is unpredictable, so your birth plan needs to be flexible. It’s also worth including in your plan a strategy for how you’ll manage, and stay on top of, the financial cost of having a baby.

Have you budgeted for a private hospital or public hospital? If your circumstances change or there is an emergency do you have the funds to cover any new costs. Following the birth, you may find you wish to stay home longer than you first thought. By including a budget in your birth plan, you can manage various financial outcomes.

Various fact sheets, including information covering the differences between a private and public hospital stay, are available on Australian government health services sites, as well as information on how health services, such as Medicare, can assist you.

Considering how you’re going to cover the cost of having a baby is an important step in preparing for pregnancy, birth and your ongoing role as new parents.