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Accessing financial support

Financial assistance: Navigating the support you need to recover

A quick guide to our financial and other important support measures.

Navigate financial difficulties with a recovery plan

A recovery plan can help you bounce back after experiencing financial difficulty.

Tips for managing financial stress

Navigate financial hardship with our helpful articles and free resources for financial assistance. You don’t have to go through tough times alone.

Reducing your debt

How to consolidate debt

Reduce financial stress, make your repayments more manageable and potentially reduce the costs.

Benefits of being debt free

Discover the mental, financial and relationship benefits of living a debt free life.

How to manage money

Assistance to pay bills

Keep your head above water with our four-step guide to seeking help with paying bills.

Money management after a financial setback

Financial difficulty can be stressful but with planning and discipline you can get back on track. Improve your money management with our 6 easy steps.

Adjusting to life on a single income

Find your financial footing after experiencing loss or separation with our helpful article on adjusting to life on a single income.

Managing a financial shock

Learn to better manage your money with our guide on preventing and bouncing back from a financial shock.

Budgeting to help recover from a financial setback

Our budget planner tool and helpful articles can help you recover from a financial setback one step at a time.

Coping with job loss

A guide to managing job loss

Unemployment can be stressful. Learn how to set yourself up for the future in times of uncertainty with our practical article on managing job loss.

How to cope with being made redundant

Some things are out of our control, being made redundant is one of them. Navigate your next steps with our guide to coping with redundancy. 

Responding to disasters

Protecting yourself from COVID-19 related scams

Discover simple ways to know the signs and protect yourself against the 3 types of scams that you may encounter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accessing financial relief and support

There are many resources available for financial relief. Learn where you can access the right assistance for your circumstances in our article on financial support.  

Surviving natural disaster

Read our guide to making a recovery plan after a natural disaster.