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Financial wellbeing

How to take a financial health check

When was the last time you took a financial health check? It’s important to evaluate your financial situation regularly to keep on top of things.

Improve your financial literacy

Doing a little bit of homework can help you better understand and improve your financial situation.

Looking after yourself: Mental health support

Discover resources for taking care of your mental health and who you can reach out to for support.

Minimialist living - How to live on less

Clean space, clear mind. Learn the financial, mental, and environmental benefits of having a minimalist lifestyle.

Ways to manage your credit and debt

Home Loan repayment options to manage cashflow

Choose repayment options that suit your financial situation and income frequency.

How to pay off your mortgage sooner

Learn how adjusting the frequency or amount of your repayments can help you pay off your mortgage sooner.

How your credit card affects your credit score

Understand how your repayment behaviour and number of credit applications can impact your credit score.

Preparing for the unexpected

Planning an emergency fund

Learn how to plan for life’s ups and downs with our guide to setting up an emergency fund.

7 Things you can do to get ready for potential COVID restrictions

Follow our guide for taking care of your physical, mental, and financial health if you become affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

Getting prepared

Discover tips for protecting yourself, your home and your favourite things in preparation for a natural disaster.