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Already on a COVID-19 personal loan support package?

Before the end of your repayment pause period, you will need to need to take action to manage your COVID-19 personal loan support package.

To manage your COVID-19 personal loan support package and any other support packages you have applied for, log into to your dashboard and navigate to the COVID Hub.


A 3-month pause of repayments and interest for those financially impacted.

If you've lost your job or suffered loss of income as a result of COVID-19, you can apply for our 3-month personal loan support package.


What is the personal loan support package?

The support package means that for three months:

  • You will not be charged or accrue any interest on your account
  • You will not be charged the monthly service fee
  • You will not be required to make any repayment.


It’s important to note that this is a ‘pause’ in the interest charges, monthly service fee and repayments. After the 3-month support period, you will need to start making the regular repayments again.

Missed payment fee waiver 

If you’re approved for COVID-19 support you’ll be refunded any missed payment fees charged between when you applied and when the package was approved.

Am I eligible?

You can apply for the COVID-19 support package if you:


Held your personal loan account on the 1st January 2020 and​ haven’t applied for hardship assistance on this account, or the account isn’t currently under hardship assistance​


Have been up-to-date with your minimum repayments at some point during the last 90 days


Have lost your job or suffered a loss of income as a result of COVID-19

Don’t think you’re eligible? Check the FAQs below to see whether you should apply for hardship support.

How do I apply?

All requests are through the online registration form which you can access via the ‘Apply for support’ button.


Due to the unprecedented volume of requests, processing may take some time. Please do not submit more than one form (unless we ask otherwise, by direct communication with you), as it will delay us processing your request.




We’ll remind you when your support period is about to end. When it does, you’ll need to start making your regular repayments again. 

We’ll automatically extend your personal loan term by the length of the support period. This means that the amount of your regular repayments will not increase after the 3-month period.


If you usually repay your account using a Direct Debit and didn’t manually turn it off before your pause commenced, you won’t need to do anything. We’ll automatically restore those repayments.

However, if you manually cancelled your Direct Debit, you'll need to manually restore it after your support period ends. You can do this by calling us or visiting a branch.


In case you need further assistance after the support period has ended, please contact us.

If you’re approved for COVID-19 support you’ll be refunded any missed payment fees charged between when you applied and when the package was approved. The monthly service will also be waived. Other fees will be charged as applicable.

No, we will not be able to process any redraw requests for variable rate personal loans during the repayment pause.​

If you can make your current repayment, please do so. If you are unable to make your current repayment this will also be paused should your application for the COVID-19 support package be approved. However, the interest for the previous statement period will still apply.

If you have missed any repayments prior to the pause, it may increase the interest you pay over the life of the loan. We recommend you make repayments if you are able to do so.

If you do not qualify for our COVID-19 support package you may be eligible for other assistance. We will be in touch regarding other assistance options that may be available.​

The support package will apply from the monthly repayment period during which the package is approved plus the following two monthly repayment periods​.

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