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A new survey by Economist Impact for Westpac Institutional Bank shows how sustainable finance is forging ahead as a core strategy for issuers and investors across the Asia Pacific, and what’s holding it back.

Sustainable finance hits fast forward

Financing for Sustainability: Asia Pacific’s Evolving ESG Market depicts a dynamic landscape underpinned by commitment from both issuers and investors to step up strategies to decarbonise businesses and portfolios, spurred on by a much greater diversity of innovative financial instruments.

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What’s changing for companies and investors as the uptake of sustainable finance continues to surge across the Asia Pacific? Where are the opportunities for corporates to decarbonise – and what are the risks? And how are Australian businesses responding to increasingly urgent requirements around reporting and regulation? 

Discover the answers to these and other burning ESG questions as some of Australia’s major market participants come together to reflect on key findings in Financing for sustainability: Asia Pacific’s evolving ESG market, the Economist Impact’s, Westpac-sponsored report on the state of sustainable finance in the region, in a series of articles that also reveals how innovative business leaders are meeting their own ESG goals and challenges.

Inside Asia-Pacific’s sustainable finance surge

Two Australian corporate leaders explain what’s changing for companies and investors as uptake of sustainable finance opportunities rapidly surges across the Asia-Pacific

How decarbonisation is reshaping business

From disruption to shifting priorities, three Australian business leaders explain how decarbonisation is changing their organisations.


Scaling hurdles in the race to net-zero

As one of the major roadblocks to sustainable finance looks set to shift, more than a third of companies say they will be issuing or utilising green or social funding for the first time in the next year.


Watch video highlights of the report:

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