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Cheque Cashing Authority

Cheque Cashing Authorities are formal arrangements for the cashing of cheques on a nominated account at Westpac branches other than the Agency's home branch.

How do I establish a Cheque Cashing Authority?

To establish a new cheque cashing authority, please complete the Cheque Cashing Authority service agreement (PDF 106KB) . This form only needs to be completed once.

For every account that you require the cheque cashing facility for, please complete a  Cheque Cashing Authority request (PDF 106KB) . This form should also be completed where you require a facility across multiple Westpac branches.

Both forms are required for the establishment of a new cheque cashing facility and returned to your Client Enquiry Manager once complete.

Provision has been made for NSW Government Agencies to nominate authorised persons to open and cash cheques under Cheque Cashing Authorities. As these persons need to sign the cheque they must be nominated by the agency and identified by the Verifying Officer in accordance with AML. Complete the attached Authority to Open and Cash Cheques (PDF 65KB)  form to add and maintain those authorised to open and cash cheques for your Cheque Cashing Authorities.

How do I establish an additional facility?

Please complete the  Cheque Cashing Authority request (PDF 106KB) for the additional account, or where you would like the facility extended to a new, or different Westpac branch.

How do I amend an existing cheque cashing authority?

To make any amendments to your existing cheque cashing authority please advise your new instructions on business letterhead, have it authorised by account signatories and forward it to your Client Enquiry Manager.

How do I cancel a cheque cashing authority?

Please forward your request on business letterhead, have it authorised by account signatories and forward it to your Client Enquiry Manager. The instructions to cancel the Cheque Cashing Authority should include:

  • The  cheque cashing authority number
  • The branch it is held at
  • The amount of the cheque cashing authority and the frequency
  • The cancellation effective date.
Things you should know

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