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Market leading solutions

Westpac Institutional Bank makes it as easy for you to do business in China as it is locally. Drawing on our 40-year track record in Asia, we deliver intelligent solutions to help your business reach its full potential. We understand the complexities of the RMB internationalisation process and can work with you to ensure doing business in RMB is as simple as possible.

By sharing our insights through Westpac IQ we can help you make informed decisions about the future of your business.

Seamless banking

At the centre of our RMB service is a seamless day-to-day banking solution offered through our leading online banking platform Corporate Online. With Westpac Institutional Bank, you can:

  • Open RMB transaction accounts
  • View your balances and transaction history
  • Make and receive payments
  • View, confirm and settle foreign exchange deals, including visibility of your RMB FX exposures online and in real time.

Efficient trade

Our international trade solutions provide our trade customers with a range of benefits, from securing your goods and mitigating your payment risk to providing finance. We tailor our international trade solutions to meet you and your trade partners' needs. 

By settling and financing in RMB, you have the opportunity to deepen your relationships with your Chinese trade partners, giving you the opportunity to negotiate better pricing by reducing foreign exchange and financing costs.

Intelligent finance

Our complete range of funding solutions can help you use RMB to manage working capital, fund expansion, boost your profile with Asian investors and match receipts with payments. Our end-to-end debt solutions which includes RMB denominated loans, provides financing to meet your supply chain requirements.

Risk management

At Westpac, we emphasise the importance of minimising risk when doing business overseas. Our risk management solutions give you the ability to manage and reduce currency exchange exposures or even RMB-denominated commodity price risk exposures, catering to both onshore and offshore requirements.

A better way to do business

The ability to negotiate and make payments in RMB gives you a key competitive advantage when doing business in China. At Westpac Institutional Bank, our RMB business and banking solutions provide you with a better way to do business.


dollarSave money - Making payments to Chinese suppliers in renminbi may help you negotiate better prices by reducing transaction costs


investGain a competitive edge - The ability to negotiate and settle in renminbi may give you an advantage over your competitors


globalAccess opportunities - Being able to settle trade in renminbi could open up business opportunities with Chinese companies that have limited access to foreign exchange and foreign currency financing


smsBuild better relationships - By making it easier to do business with you, trading in renminbi could strengthen your relationships and win more business


switchTrade efficiently - By transacting in renminbi, Chinese companies will find it easier and cheaper to do business by removing foreign exchange risk and hedging costs. This provides you with the opportunity to lower transaction costs with your suppliers.


alertReduce risk - Trading in the local currency gives you greater price transparency and can help reduce exposure to exchange rate and even commodity price volatility.

Things you should know

Information current as at October 2015.

Australia: Westpac Institutional Bank is a division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL 233714 (“Westpac”).

NZ: In New Zealand Westpac Institutional Bank refers to the brand under which products and services are provided by either Westpac Banking Corporation (NZ division) or Westpac New Zealand Limited, the New Zealand incorporated subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation. A copy of the general disclosure statement for each is available from any branch in New Zealand. Both entities are under the prudential supervision of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

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