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10 mobile security tips

Protecting your mobile from viruses, malware, and Internet fraud is just as important as protecting your home computer. Following these simple security tips can go a long way in keeping your mobile banking secure.

To enhance your mobile security make sure you:

  • Download anti-virus software to protect your phone from internet viruses, malware and dodgy third-party apps that can steal your identity
  • Download anti-theft apps that allow you to remotely wipe, lock and locate your phone if it’s lost or stolen
  • Protect your data by using a PIN or password to lock your phone and make sure it’s difficult to guess (do not use birth dates or the word ‘password’)
  • Make sure you wipe your phone data clean before upgrading, selling or tossing your phone and do the same if your replacement phone is second-hand
  • Back up your phone data to your computer and encrypt your data if this feature is available
  • Treat your mobile like you would a credit card - don’t leave it lying around or lend it to others
  • When using a shared network, make sure it’s reputable and password protected
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them
  • Be wary of responding to text messages or emails from someone you don’t know or downloading files if you don’t trust the sender
  • Don’t forget to sign out after you’ve finished Corporate Mobile.