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How to give your company culture a health check

3-minute read

Company culture: why is it important? Well, if things are harmonious on the inside, chances are it shines through to the outside. And customers tend to be drawn to businesses whose employees display those feel-good vibes. So, how do you know your business is fostering a healthy company culture? Here are four signs you're doing it right.

Key take-outs
  • Every business has a company culture, no matter its size.
  • Look at hiring, your workspace and yourself as keys to the culture.
  • Honest feedback from your team is helpful in assessing your culture.

1. Honest words, not pointed fingers

Unless you’re working solo, there’s likely going to be some chatter. So, try to nurture honest, collaborative communication and prevent that chatter from turning into negative gossip.

It can also help to point out the successes of your team as well as individual improvements to keep morale up. However, if something hasn’t worked for a team member, encourage them to share what they’d do differently without attaching blame.

You’re doing it right if:
 all team members can have open conversations, regardless of roles and experience levels.

2. Hire the best fit

As a small business, you have the flexibility to take on people whose values match those of your company. After all, when someone feels like they belong, chances are they’ll stick around for longer.

Here, choosing attitude and potential over experience can be beneficial as well as different yet complementary perspectives to help foster innovative thinking.

You’re doing it right if:
 the average job tenure in your business surpasses others in the industry.

3. Good habitat habits

If you talk about open-space offices a lot, yet can’t see the rest of your team from your workstation, you may have missed the mark.

Dim, cluttered workspaces with little to no natural light can feel oppressive and limit creative thinking – especially, if you’re trying to promote efficient, forward-thinking practices.

This doesn't mean you should fill your office with bean bags and ball pits, but it should be comfortable and inspiring. This can help get the creative juices flowing and show your team that you value them and their wellbeing.

You’re doing it right if:
 your team enjoys coming to work, which is also likely to boost their productivity levels.

4. Embody that culture

Your business is built in your vision. That’s why it’s important to practice what you preach.

Practice open communication and treat your team as you want them to treat each other: with respect and trust.

Sticking to your principles when it’s right to do so and being open-minded when you can be more flexible is likely to leave a positive effect on your team.

You’re doing it right if:
 your team come to you with ideas and actively involve you in day-to-day aspects of their work.


It’s all too easy for company cultures to take on a life of their own. A culture health check can help ensure you’re on the right track to offering a happy and healthy work environment.

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