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Enabling Merchant Services in Westpac Live

Network Administrators can authorise Users or other Administrators access to view Merchant Services in Online Banking.

Step 1 - Establishing the Network Arrangement

Hover over Administration and select Account access levels


Next to the Merchant Member Number (MMN)1 you wish to gain access to, use the dropdown box to change Access level to Value access 2.




Step 2 - Enabling the feature

Hover over Administration and select Features and approvals.


Under Services select View Merchant activity.




Step 3 - Giving access to Users and Administrators

Hover over Administration and select User administration.


Select the User's or Administrator's name to access the Edit user screen.

Note: Administrator's must also grant access to themselves in addition to other users in order to view Merchant Services.

Under Service permissions, find the Merchant Member Number (MMN)1 you wish to provide the User access to. Select View merchant activity to provide the User access to Merchant Services.




Things you should know

1. Your Merchant Member Number (MMN) is a unique account number which represents all merchant service facilities that are used by your business or organisation. Providing the MMN can assist us to easily identify and help you with your merchant service facility. This MMN is visible to the Administrator via Westpac Live.


2. The Access level allows you to set the permissions for all Users of your business banking in relation to each account. No Access means that Users cannot be assigned this account to view or access. Non-value means that Users are able to do certain things such as view details including account balance, transaction details, statements and voucher images. Value means that Users are able to view, create and make payments.