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The mobile manicurist: How Lowri nails it with EFTPOS Air

Discover how Tap to Pay on iPhone and EFTPOS Air has transformed this mobile sole trader’s business – and helps her enjoy her days off. 

Lowri Webb has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years, but it’s only in the last few years that her mobile business ‘By Lowri’ has really taken off. The private facialist and manicurist knew she was onto something that not only satisfied her clients’ needs but suited her lifestyle too.


“Doing nails has never felt like a job, it just feels like a hobby I enjoy,” says Lowri. “On maternity leave, and when I had my first baby, I started doing a few home visits and working from clients’ homes.”


“Then after my second baby, I decided to really start doing client visits properly and made a business out of it and it just blew up. Working on the go works beautifully for me because I need to be able to drop off and pick up my kids from school, so the schedule suits my routine really well.” 


No more chasing payments via text

Before using EFTPOS Air, Lowri would text clients her bank details for payment, and often needed to send follow-up reminders days later. 

“I was seeing clients all through the week, so I was back-to-back, fully booked, going from house to house. Factor in the set-up, the pack down, and the drive, and it’s non-stop. By the time I got home with the kids, I didn’t even think about what I’d done that day."

“If I saw a client on a Tuesday, I wouldn’t get around to texting them [for payment] until the Saturday when I remembered, and I’d always be trying to remember who I was still waiting on for payment.” 

Tap to Pay on iPhone and EFTPOS Air: a truly mobile payment solution

Tap to Pay on iPhone and EFTPOS Air allows merchants to accept all types of in-person contactless payments. From physical credit and debit cards, to Apple Pay and other digital wallets. No additional hardware or payment terminals needed. The ability to take customer payments quickly and conveniently means that busy small business owners like Lowri don’t need to spend time chasing payments. 

Not only that, but the same-day settlement of funds ensures smooth cash flow, allowing Lowri to focus on delivering an exceptional service without worrying about all the administration.

“The immediacy of payments is so good for me. It’s instant.” 

When it comes to getting set up, there are no upfront or ongoing costs, and it’s possible to start accepting payments in under 30 minutes once approved.

“My husband sent me an article about EFTPOS Air, and I’m with Westpac anyway, so the day the app launched, I went and asked for it, and it’s just been perfect!” 

Ensuring a well-deserved day off  

In addition to managing her mobile business, Lowri is the mother of two young children, so it should come as no surprise that her free time is in short supply.

Instead of spending her days off chasing payments, the time is spent switching off, enjoying family time and recharging. 

“[EFTPOS Air] really helped me to have my day off again. This is just seamless. You tap, I go. You tap, I go. It is so easy.”  


Making life easier for customers

As well as making the payment process faster and easier for herself, EFTPOS Air brings convenience and ease to Lowri’s clients, allowing them to easily pay with their preferred contactless method - physical credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets.

There’s no need for clients to have cash on hand (although cash payments can be recorded in the app) and no need for back-and-forth texting bank details for transfers. It’s all about providing an easy payment option for clients in the moment they need it. 

“There are some clients I see and I barely speak to, as they might be working from home in a virtual meeting. So I’ll go over, do their nails, and then they’ll just tap my phone and I’ll say “see you in two weeks!”.

As for what’s next, Lowri is busy planning her first salon opening, so she can give clients the choice to book in-salon and at-home appointments.

“I feel really happy, I’m going from strength to strength!” 

If you’re running your business on the go, learn how to take payments with the Westpac EFTPOS Air app. Download the app, apply, and once approved, start accepting in person, contactless payments at any time.

Things you should know

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply for EFTPOS Air.


1. Compatibility: To use EFTPOS Air your iPhone or Android device will need to be Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled and running on one of the supported iPhone Operating System (iOS) or Android Operating Systems (OS), listed at visit, which may change from time to time.

2. Mobile coverage: Internet connection is required to take payments.


3. 1.4% flat rate pricing: Applies to eftpos, Mastercard and Visa payments by card, mobile wallet, or wearable.


4. Same day settlement: Subject to system availability, settlement is performed directly after business day cut off. Business day cut-off for EFTPOS Air takes place 7-days a week at 8.50 pm (Sydney time). Settlement must be to an eligible Westpac business transaction account.


5. Business accounts: Before making a decision about any of our products or services, please read the terms and conditions available at Fees and charges apply and may change.

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