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The future of fundraising with EFTPOS Air

How the Tap to Pay on iPhone with Westpac’s EFTPOS Air app helped this not-for-profit boost funds at a fundraising event.


The perfect solution for not-for-profits fundraising in different locations, find out how the Tap to Pay on iPhone with Westpac’s EFTPOS Air app helped this children’s activity centre raise much-needed money. 

Key take-outs
  • How the Tap to Pay on iPhone with Westpac’s EFTPOS Air app helps overcome typical fundraising challenges for organisers and customers
  • How the app makes accepting contactless mobile payments easier
  • What makes it so simple to use?
  • Top tips for successful fundraising

Grays Point Activity Centre, a before and after school care centre in Sydney, knows a thing or two about fundraising. Here’s how the Tap to Pay on iPhone with Westpac’s EFTPOS Air app supports their endeavours.


From barbecues and snow sales (where parents donate their children’s outgrown ski gear), to morning teas and sausage sizzles, the community-focused centre hosts multiple events throughout the year to raise money.


The purpose of fundraising? To make the cost of before and after school care services as affordable as possible for parents, while funding new equipment, undertaking building maintenance and updating games and toys for the children.


The centre runs small-scale events with a low-cost outlay that foster fun and participation within the greater community.


One of these recent events was an early morning gathering in support of the Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, with an ambitious fundraising goal of $2,000.


How a not-for-profit get-together served up fund-raising success

Tina Gibson, president of the Grays Point Activity Centre Management Committee, says community spirit was at an all-time high at the morning tea fundraising event. 


“It was a cold winter morning; everyone was super excited to get their warmed-up croissants and hot chocolates! We had the toasters and sandwich presses all lined up ready to go, serving bacon and egg rolls, muffins, cupcakes and tea and coffee.


“We also had tables out the front where parents, their children and siblings were having breakfast together.”


With over 100 event attendees – many returning multiple times for a top-up, or another tasty treat – the atmosphere was buzzing from 7am when the event began.

Choosing the best payment option for a fundraiser event

Ellyse Muir, an administration educator who works at the centre, said the fundraiser was a great success. “We reached our fundraising goal – which was actually double last year’s goal!” 


When it came to accepting payments, Muir had an interesting challenge to consider.


“At last year’s fundraiser, we only took cash. But no one carries cash anymore. So we also offered people a QR code they could scan to donate money.


“But we have very bad reception in Grays Point (something our crackled phone conversation confirms), so this year, we wanted a tap-to-pay option.” 


Tap to Pay on iPhone with Westpac’s EFTPOS Air app was the solution.


The EFTPOS Air app allows businesses, not-for-profits and sole traders to accept contactless payments on the go, on their existing mobile or tablet devices.

Tap to Pay on iPhone – take mobile payments with no additional hardware required

“It was super easy,” says Muir of the EFTPOS Air app setup process.


“I submitted a form online, spoke to someone at Westpac over the phone, and got it up and running that day,” Muir says. “I didn't have to wait for a terminal or pay for hardware. It’s just an app on our existing iPhone.” 


The Tap to Pay on iPhone solution wasn’t just easier for staff. 


“Our customers were all so surprised. It was just so handy for them, they didn’t have to go and withdraw cash, and we’ve never had a tap-to-pay option before, so they loved it.”


The convenience of the new payment solution also meant the centre was able to raise more money than usual.


“We hit our fundraising goal, and about half of it was through Tap to Pay on iPhone with Westpac’s EFTPOS Air app,” Muir says.


Simple EFTPOS Air set-up that’s so easy to use

While this was the first time the centre used EFTPOS Air, it’s going to be a big part of the centre’s future fundraising efforts. 


“Last year when we just had cash, we were counting coins and notes at the end of the day. It was awesome to just jump on the app and see how much money we’d raised.


“We’ll definitely use it for fundraising and I’d definitely recommend it to others … it’s literally on your iPhone!” 


Gibson echoes that sentiment. “It was easy to use, portable and didn’t drop out.


“We have a solution moving forward for future fundraising events, now we’re all set up.” 

4 fundraising tips

Here’s a list of Gray’s Point Activity Centre’s top morning tea fundraising tips:

  1. Communicate as much as possible ahead of the day. “We used physical signage at the location, then sent constant reminders via email and Facebook,” says Tina Gibson. 
  2. Be sure you have enough staff or volunteers ready to lend a hand on the day. 
  3. Have a tap-to-pay digital payment solution in hand -– not everyone carries cash! 
  4. Cater for different dietary requirements so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Learn how to use Tap to Pay on iPhone with Westpac EFTPOS Air before your next fundraiser. 

Things you should know

Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply for EFTPOS Air.


1. Compatibility: To use EFTPOS Air your iPhone or Android device will need to be Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled and running on one of the supported iPhone Operating Systems (iOS) or Android Operating Systems (OS) listed at, which may change from time to time. 


2. Mobile coverage: Internet connection is required to take payments.


3. 1.4% flat rate pricing: Applies to eftpos, Mastercard and Visa payments by card, mobile wallet, or wearable.


4. Same day settlement: Subject to system availability, settlement is performed directly after business day cut off. Business day cut-off for EFTPOS Air takes place 7-days a week at 8.50 pm (Sydney time). Settlement must be to an eligible Westpac business transaction account.


5. Business accounts: Before making a decision about any of our products or services, please read the terms and conditions available at Fees and charges apply and may change.


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