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3 reasons why your customers will love to Tap to Pay with EFTPOS Air

Little girl holding a mushroom toy while dad tapping to pay with EFTPOS Air

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The new Tap to Pay app makes smart sense for many businesses looking to accept payments on the go, but what’s the appeal for customers? 

What we’ll cover


The new EFTPOS Air Tap to Pay mobile app may be  a logical choice for small business payments, starting with its key point of difference – no hardware! – and the small business wish-come-true – same-day settlement on payments.


Setup is also simple, and there’s an abundance of point-of-sale, support and backup features, but this article is not about you.


It’s about keeping customers happy with the seamless and truly innovative Tap to Pay experiences EFTPOS Air offers for your customers. 

Lean in. Here are 3 reasons why your customers will love EFTPOS Air. 


1.  Contactless payments their way

What customers want should be pivotal to all the business decisions you make, and that includes the payment options you offer. 


There has been a revolution in processing payments – it's a space that's changing at speed. Customers want the ability to pay any way they like, and anywhere.


EFTPOS Air gives them that choice and puts them in control, whether they prefer to Tap to Pay via card payments (major credit cards and debit cards are accepted), hand over cash (you can also track cash payments via the app), or by using mobile wallets or wearable devices.


Whether the transaction is taking place at a farmers’ market, over the food truck counter, or after completing a trade-service , customers still want a seamless, super-fast way to Tap to Pay.


When it comes to making payments via contactless devices, the EFTPOS Air app has that covered. Especially during busy times, or at special events when the app can also be used as a backup option alongside your EFTPOS terminal, so that customers can still be served quickly.


The ability to accept payments the way your customers want, coupled with a fast checkout experience? Now we’re talking.

2. Flexible benefits

Customers will also love the flexibility EFTPOS Air features enable, like being able to split a payment (card or cash) to make contactless payments for larger items or service bills easier.


They will enjoy the convenience that comes from your ability to preload the app with customisable products and services for quick selection and a speedier checkout. Plus, they will appreciate the fact that you can provide branded e-receipts to help them track their purchases.


EFTPOS Air also offers the option for you to send out an invoice (and reminders, if necessary) so that customers can make payments via card or direct deposit into your account, if that’s what you both prefer.


These advantages all add up to greater customer satisfaction. If your payment method can do the hard work for you (and your customer), that's an all-round win.


3. Paying it safe

Contactless payments aren't new, but using your phone as a way to take payments is new technology.

It’s exciting, but there may be questions the first time a customer finds they can pay simply by tapping or holding their phone to your phone or tablet – or through their smartwatch with just the flick of a wrist.


Too easy. Sure, but what about keeping those payments safe and secure?


Not requiring hardware is a breakthrough, but how secure is EFTPOS Air? Is this latest evolution in fast ways to process payments too good to be true?


While you, or your customers, might worry that using your phone to accept payments is not as secure as using other payment methods, it’s actually just as secure as those made through other EFTPOS machines.


By default, mobile payments have built-in security features – tokenisation and encryption – that make processing transactions a safe way for your customers to pay.


With EFTPOS Air, payment data is encrypted in the same way as it is for an EFTPOS machine.

EFTPOS Air's Tap to Pay technology allows merchants to accept card payments on what is called a consumer off-the-shelf (COTS) device, which sets the bar in terms of secure transactions.


Plus, the app itself has further security checks in the set-up process to ensure both customer data and payments remain secure.


For example, data between the mobile device and servers is never sent unencrypted.


One last thing. Always remember, the latest way to pay comes with the backing and support of Australia’s oldest bank, Westpac. We’ve spent more than 200 years bringing peace of mind and secure banking to customers and businesses nationwide.


No hardware. No brainer.


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