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Finance for Import Instructions

You should use this application form when you apply to Westpac to make payments on your import bills where an indemnity is not in place.

Use the instructions below to complete the form correctly. You must ensure that the application form is signed in terms of existing authorities held by the Bank.

Finance for Import form instructions

  • Re: Importation of....  - Give brief details of the underlying import transaction.
  • Note - Westpac Trade Finance is limited to those applicants importing direct from overseas, not through third parties.
  • Finance amount - Enter full amount of currency and amount required to be financed.
  • For a period of....  - Enter term required in days. Note: term is not to exceed the period required to complete the underlying transaction. Maximum period is 180 days from date of arrival of goods in Australia.


Complete only one of -

  • (i) Pay...
    Complete amount and beneficiary details, or
  • (ii) Pay documentary collection
    Complete documentary import collection reference details, or
  • (iii) Pay documentary letter of credit
    Complete documentary import letter of credit reference details
  • Currency  - Enter currency of the finance.
  • Rate of ......% per annum - Enter the interest rate quoted/agreed.
Things you should know

Overdraft facilities are subject to application and Westpac's lending assessment criteria. Fees and charges may apply to the products and services listed. Full details of the Terms and Conditions for this product are available on request.