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Export Lodgement form instructions

Ready to fill out an Export Lodgement form?

You will need an Export Lodgement form when presenting payment documents to Westpac for forwarding overseas. The form provides instructions for dealing with documentary credit or documentary collection, as well as payment of proceeds.  You can refer to the instructions below to help you complete the form correctly. You must ensure that page 2 of the application form is signed in terms of existing authorities held by the Bank.


Export Lodgement form instructions


From - Insert your company name.
Credit Proceeds - Complete account details to which proceeds of the export are to be credited.
Forward Exchange Contract - If the transaction is covered by a forward exchange contract enter details.
Complete only one of:

(i) Negotiate under Documentary Credit
Complete details if negotiating under an Export Documentary Letter of Credit; or

(ii) Airmail for Collection or Negotiate and Airmail
Complete details if for collection or negotiation outside Documentary Letter of Credit Note: Negotiations require prior to arrangements

Drawee - Overseas party (i.e. the importer or buyer).
Amount - Full amount of the collection/negotiation.
Tenor - Indicate whether drafts are at sight or term.
Shipped per - Name of carrying vessel/airline.
Destination - Indicate place of discharge.
Commodity - Brief description of goods.
Documents attached - Indicate which documents are included (i.e. statement 3 Cond. Cert. 2).
Instructions - Only complete if documents are not under Documentary Letter of Credit.