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All international trade

Foreign exchange

FX Forwards

Can protect against unfavourable exchange rate movements and provide some ability to participate in favourable exchange rate movements.

FX Option

In addition to protection against unfavourable movements, you can participate in favourable currency movements.

Cash flow management

Foreign currency accounts

We provide a number of services for foreign currency accounts, including making payments from your on and offshore accounts.

Telegraphic transfers

If you need to make payments overseas, telegraphic transfers are a fast, convenient way to make sure your funds get to where they need to be.

Export services

Export documentary collection

Let us manage your export documents - you’ll find this process is more cost effective than a documentary letter of credit.

Export documentary letter of credit

We check that the terms and conditions of the documentary credit have been complied with, before forwarding documents to the buyer's bank.

Export collection negotiations

We can provide post-shipment finance by negotiating (or buying) the bill of exchange for up to 100% of its face value.

EFIC Export Working Capital Guarantee

If you're a small to medium exporter, we can assist you with the general working capital you need.

Import services

Import documentary letter of credit

A formal undertaking by Westpac to pay your supplier provided they meet the terms and conditions of the documentary credit.

Import documentary collection

We can help you with your import documentary collection. Our process is more cost effective than documentary credits and lets you devote more...