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At Westpac, we understand that parenting isn’t easy. That’s why we are partnering with industry leaders and looking at new and exciting ways to help parents support their children with a more engaging learning experience now and in the future.


Xplor for Schools

Across the board, Australian schools are looking for one common platform to help staff manage financial operations and help parents manage their children’s school activities. Xplor for Schools1 means simpler reconciliation, so operating day-to-day becomes easier, as you’ll have less financial admin to deal with.


Parents can also take advantage of the complete mobile app payment experience, so it’s easier for them to interact with you, like paying invoices on the go.


For more information visit Xplor for schools


For more information email


We’ve teamed up with Mathspace to give students free access to Mathspace Essentials.

Students have access to thousands of interactive questions covered in the primary and high school curriculums of each state and a step-by-step guide on how to reach the right answer.

Davidson Institute and financial education

Building confidence today for a better financial future: Davidson Institute, named after Sir Alfred Davidson the pioneer of Westpac financial education.


Whether you’re starting your business, operating your business or growing your business, the Davidson Institute offers a range of money management topics for individuals, businesses, not for profit organisations and community groups.

For more information visit


Financial First steps

Our Financial First Steps – Starting Out guide is for people just starting to manage their money for themselves. Developing good money habits early in life will stand people in good stead for the rest of their life.  

The Financial First Steps –Starting Out guide introduces the concept of setting goals and saving to achieve those goals, explores the ways in which money can be used and encourages making informed choices with money.


For more information visit Westpac's Davidson Institute


Our Financial First Steps –Working Out guide is for people getting into the workforce and learning how to manage their income. A big milestone for many people is getting their first job, but with that comes the added responsibility of managing the income they’re now earning. Understanding work entitlements and getting into good money habits will help make the most of the opportunities that working presents.

The Financial First Steps – Working Out guide: explores the ins and outs of getting paid, encourages having  a plan for spending and saving and introduces financial products to help manage money.


For more information visit Westpac's Davidson Institute

Things you should know

1. Xplor for Schools is provided by MyXplor Pty Ltd and is not a Westpac product. Westpac may receive a commission from MyXplor Pty Ltd. Xplor for Schools is only available in conjunction with an eligible Westpac payment solution.


2. American Express acceptance is provided directly through American Express.


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