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Consolidating debt

Transfer the balances of any card to your Westpac business credit card

Consolidating your finances on the one business credit card could save you the cost (and trouble) of maintaining several accounts. Simply transfer the balances of any non-Westpac business credit, charge or store card to your Westpac Altitude Business credit card1. Remember, you will not gain the benefit of any interest free period on credit purchases until the balance (excluding any balance transfer amount) is paid in full by the statement due date each month.


We can contact the other financial institutions, or stores, for you to arrange the transfer.

Altitude Business credit cards

If you have an Altitude Business credit card:

Things you should know

1. This rate is only available to customers who are applying for an applicable Westpac card and wish to transfer the balance(s) from a non-Westpac credit card(s), charge card(s) or store card(s). This offer is only available at point of application. Any subsequent balance transfers will be charged at the standard product interest rate listed on the Credit Cards leaflet. Interest Rates and Fees and will be treated as cash advances with no interest free days applying to them. Please note that payments made to your credit card account are first applied to any amounts transferred from other credit cards, charge cards or store cards under this offer, before they are applied to any other cash advance or purchase amount. This will mean that the portion of your outstanding account balance that is subject to a lower interest rate will be paid off first and that you will not gain the benefit of any interest free period until the full balance (excluding any balance transfer) is paid by the due date each month.