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Using and making changes to your credit card

Making credit card repayments

Whenever you have an outstanding balance showing on your credit card statement, you'll be required to make a minimum payment each month.

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Understanding BusinessChoice credit limits

With BusinessChoice Rewards and BusinessChoice Everyday Credit Cards, the Business Principals are jointly responsible for any outstanding balance.

Increase your credit card limit

You can apply to increase or decrease your credit limit to help manage your business finances at any time.

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Setting up automatic payments

Automatic payments are a handy way to pay your regular business bills automatically from your credit card.

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Apply for an additional card

Adding an additional cardholder is a convenient way to give someone else access to your business credit card without having to open a new credit card account.

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Consolidating debt

Consolidating multiple balances from non-Westpac credit cards could save you the hassle and cost of maintaining several cards and could offer several benefits.

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Credit card statements

You can view credit card statements for eligible accounts online through your online banking. We'll still send you statements in the mail as well.

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Changing to another Westpac card

You might find that over time your credit card has not kept up with your business needs. Perhaps you want a credit card that offers more features, or you're looking for a card with a lower purchase rate.

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