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Card transactional issues and chargeback rights

You should always check the accuracy of transactions appearing on your statements and in Online, Mobile and Tablet Banking. This will help you identify any unusual activity or transactions you do not agree with.

Keeping vouchers and transaction records from merchants, financial institutions, or by electronic terminals such as ATMs will help you to reconcile your transactions. We also suggest you check your email and SMS as sometimes merchants will provide transaction confirmation this way.  

Common issues and what to do to try to resolve them

You don’t recognise the business name or the transaction that appears on your statement or in Online Banking

Check receipts issued to you or your additional cardholder(s) for that date to see if you can reconcile the transaction. Be aware also that many businesses have a trading name that differs from the billing name. More details on the business can often be found by conducting a quick Internet search on the name appearing on your statement.

If it's an Australian Business you may be able to obtain more details, such as their trading name by using the Australian Business Register.

You cancelled a regular payment but were still charged

Businesses usually have contractual terms and conditions that specify cut-off dates for cancelling regular payments. Check with the business directly to clarify this

You haven't received goods you have purchased

Often you can check the tracking number of the goods to see how the delivery of your purchase is progressing. The first step is to contact the business to discuss the reason for the delay.

Duplicated transaction

If a transaction is incorrectly shown twice on your statement, the first step is to call the business to query the duplicated transaction.

Other issues

Other issues which may come up when checking your statements include:

  • You cancelled a reservation within a business or retailer’s cancellation period, but were still charged
  • Transaction amount differs to what your receipt states
  • Services have not rendered
  • Merchandise is defective
  • You suspect fraud.

Remember, the first step in rectifying any issue is to contact the business that processed the transaction, as this will help confirm if your card details have been compromised or not.


If you’ve contacted the business that processed the transaction, checked everything and you still have a concern about a transaction, let us know and we’ll help you to investigate.

  • Altitude Business: 132 142
    Monday to Friday, 8am -8pm (AEST)
    Or if outside Australia +61 2 9155 7700 (outside Australia)

  • BusinessChoice Rewards Platinum and Everyday: 1300 650 107
    Or if outside Australia +61 2 9155 7700 (outside Australia)


In some circumstances we may be able to dispute a transaction for you with the merchant's financial institution (called a 'chargeback'). If you would like to chargeback a transaction, you will need to lodge the dispute within 30 days after the date of the statement on which the transaction is recorded.

How does Westpac handle your dispute?

We’ll keep you informed in writing while the investigation is underway. As part of this process, we may place a temporary increase to your available funds (for credit card transactions), or a temporary credit on your linked account (for Debit Mastercard® transactions). You must still make at least the minimum repayment amount to avoid charges such as late payment fees and additional interest. We’ll act as a liaison between you and the merchant's financial institution. We may request information and evidence to progress investigation of the dispute.

  • If we receive merchant documentation, we will send it to you via mail
  • On receipt of the documentation, you’ll need to either accept it or further dispute the transaction
  • If you accept the transaction, any temporary increase to your available funds will be reversed
  • If you wish to continue the dispute, we’ll require you to provide a written reply to the documentation we sent to you
  • Upon receipt of a written reply, further investigation will be carried out by us and a decision reached
  • If the decision is in your favour, the transaction may be charged back to the merchant’s account and the funds permanently credited to your account.