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Additional authorisation

The company provides the following authority in relation to its Online Banking Network. The company can revoke this authorisation at any time by contacting Westpac and completing an Account Origination Authority.

The company acknowledges and agrees that:


  • Westpac may accept instructions through Online Banking from any Administrator(s) in the Network to open everyday transaction, savings or term deposit accounts for and on behalf of the company; and 
  • The Administrators are authorised to grant any user (having the same meaning as in the Online Banking Terms and Conditions) (User), as appointed from time to time, the ability to issue instructions through Online Banking to open everyday transaction, savings or term deposit accounts for and on behalf of the company. 
  • Any Administrator, or any User who has been granted the ability to issue instructions in accordance with this authority,may receive disclosures relating to the account, and can accept the terms and conditions of the account, including interest rates and fees and charges, for and on behalf of the company. Such disclosures and terms and conditions may be communicated to an Administrator or User electronically, including through Online Banking; 
  • Any instruction given or acceptance provided by an Administrator or a User in accordance with this authority does not need to be verified by Westpac, and is issued with the full authority of the company and will bind the company as if they had issued the instruction themselves; 
  • Any account opened in accordance with this authority will be automatically added to the Business Network with a default authority of any one to operate. Withdrawals on an account will not be able to be effected through a Branch or other physical channel until such time as the company establishes an Account Operating Authority with Westpac forthe specific account; 
  • This authority is in addition to any other authority that the company has provided to Westpac to open or operate accounts and that it does not alter or replace any such authority; 
  • This authority will continue in full force and effect until Westpac receives a written notice from the company revoking this authorisation. 
  • Acknowledges and agrees that Westpac reserves the right to cancel this authority at any time and for any reason without notice. 
  • Any account opened in accordance with this authority will be opened in the name of the company and in no other capacity, notwithstanding any existing relationship the company may have with Westpac.

The company indemnifies Westpac against any claims, losses, damages or costs suffered or incurred by Westpac as a result of Westpac acting in accordance with this Authority, including but not limited to any claims for breaches of privacy or confidentiality, or fraud caused, or contributed to, by an Administrator or User. This indemnity survives cancellation of this authority.

The company represents and warrants all things necessary, including obtaining any approvals or corporate authorisations, to enter into this authority and the transactions it contemplates have been done.