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Biz Invoice guides and FAQs

With Biz Invoice you can create and send invoices to your customers from your Westpac Live. You can also track, reconcile and send payment reminders - helping you to get paid quicker.


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Biz Invoice FAQs

Overview and set up

There is no need to apply for Biz Invoice. The tool will be visible in Westpac Live Online Banking, provided a customer has access to a Westpac Business One Low or High account. 

Biz Invoice comes with Westpac Business One High and Business One Low accounts for existing and new customers. In order to use Biz Invoice, customers or Users in a Business Network will need to have completed a Westpac identity check and the owner of the account must have an Australian address registered on their Westpac Live Online Banking profile.

No. The Biz Invoice profile set up in a particular Business One account will be specific to that specific account ONLY. You cannot transfer invoices to another Business One account, and the Biz Invoice profile cannot be set up include another account details as a default payment setting.

If the account Biz Invoice was set up with is closed, you will no longer have access to any of the invoices generated in Biz Invoice via Westpac Live Online Banking.

It is recommended to download all the invoices generated in Biz Invoice as PDFs before closing the account to avoid losing historical invoicing data.  

Biz Invoice will always remain available, as long as you have an eligible Business One account and access to Westpac Live Online Banking.  However,  you can remove the tile from your overview dashboard (via desktop only) by: selecting the cog on the tile; and following the steps to remove.

If a member of a network has access to a Business One account via Westpac Live Online Banking, they will see the Biz Invoice tool and can use it. You can either inform network members not to use the tool, remove the icon from the dashboard, or revoke account access to members of their network.

Biz Invoice will use the name of the account owner. In addition, you can also have your Trading Name displayed on your invoices. You can set this in the first-time setup or under the Settings tab in Biz Invoice. A trading name will appear in addition to the primary account owner’s name on all invoices created once set.

The Business name used in Biz Invoice is the name of the account owner and cannot be changed online. However, you can also add a Trading Name to be displayed on your invoices. This can be set during the first time setup or in the Settings tab in Biz Invoice. A trading name will appear in addition to the primary account owner’s name on all invoices created once set.

The name displayed on the invoice is based on information provided when the account is set up. If this is not correct you will need to contact Customer Care on 132 142 to correct those details.


Please note, if the account is a joint account, the name appearing on the invoices generated from Biz Invoice will be the primary account holder’s name.

Customers can update their registered business address via Westpac Live. Note: Address must be an Australian address. Biz Invoice will not operate if the account linked to the Biz Invoice profile has an overseas address.

If they are using:

  • Westpac Live Personal Banking - navigate to Services & Preference > Preferences
  • Westpac Live for Business (Organisation Network) - navigate to Administration > Business Contact Details.

Yes. To show or hide your business address on the invoice, select Settings then Edit Settings at the bottom of the page. Select yes or no then save changes. This will apply to all invoices created going forward once that preference has been set. It will not change already sent invoices.

To change the ABN displayed on the invoice you will need to contact Westpac and update the ABN on the account linked to the Biz Invoice profile.

Biz Invoice will use the ABN provided in Westpac Live.  There are no validity checks conducted on your ABN at the time of setting up an invoice template, or issuing an invoice to a customer.

You can optionally enter the recipient’s ABN when creating a customer. In this case we only check that the ABN is in a valid format, not that it belongs to the recipient that is being created.

Check if the ABN is displayed in Biz Invoice Settings.  An ABN is required to issue invoices with GST. Biz Invoice will pick up the ABN associated with the primary account owner’s profile.

If there is an ABN on the primary account owner’s profile and the ABN is not displayed, please contact Customer Care on 132 142. If you are acting as a Sole Trader and need to:

  • add an ABN for the first time to your profile – contact Customer Care on 132 142
  • update an existing ABN – please visit your branch with documentation showing the change to your ABN.

Yes, if the Business One account is jointly owned, Biz Invoice is available for both owners to access and use via Westpac Live. Anything done in Biz Invoice by one business partner will be visible by the other.

The Invoice URL link contains a random 32 character identifier, which is unique to each invoice created for Biz Invoice, making the URL difficult to guess.

There currently is no feature to view a history of who creates invoices from the Biz Invoice tool.

Westpac will never send you an email asking for your sensitive financial information or link directly to a sign-in page. Keep your system up to date. For more information visit

Advise your customer that all data stored in Biz Invoice is in accordance with our Privacy Policy

Yes. You can generate a report of all invoices where payments have been automatically or manually reconciled. It will be exported as a CSV file only. Do this by selecting the Reports tab at the top of the Biz Invoice Tool and follow the screen prompts.

Creating an Invoice

Yes, this can be done each time the invoice is sent out via the Comments section in the email confirmation. For example, including a link to the website with your returns policy.

Currently, Biz Invoice only provides set payment terms of 1 day;7 days; 14 days; and 30 days ,  which cannot be amended to reflect different periods.

Currently, Biz Invoice only allows invoices to be sent to a single address for your customer – invoices cannot be sent to multiple email addresses from within Biz Invoice.  If your customer does not receive the invoice, you have the option to resend the invoice to a different email address.

Yes. When adding an item to your invoice you will have the option to add a discount to an individual item in that invoice. Future invoices will not automatically have the discount applied to that item. You will need to apply the discount for each item each time as necessary.

$0 Biz Invoices cannot be generated, the minimum amount needs to be $0.01 for it to be sent.

The options for Due Date on an invoice are Today, 7 days from issue, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. There are no other due date options that can be displayed.

To start Biz Invoicing from a specific number, head to Settings and select the invoice number you would like to start on, if available. Then all new invoices are incremented by 1.

Invoice numbers cannot be changed on an invoice to invoice basis.

Reconciling invoices

No, this payment won’t auto-reconcile. You will need to manually reconcile the invoice and payment.  

You can un-link the payment to the invoice by accessing the invoice and clicking ‘Un-link Payment’.  This will not return or cancel the payment made to your account. It will only de-link the payment from the invoice.  You can then manually reconcile that payment to the correct invoice if required.

Currently, the Biz Invoice dashboard only provides you with the last 30-day snapshot of total amounts paid and cannot be amended to reflect longer periods.


Additionally, Biz Invoice offers a report on all your reconciled invoices from your first reconciled payment until the date of the report. Find the report from the Reports tab, select download CSV and the Reconciled payments summary report will be in your downloads.

Resend, Remind and cancel invoices

From the Invoice screen, select the invoice you would like to send a reminder for under the ‘More Actions’ drop down, select send reminder.

You can set up Biz Invoice to automatically send reminders if an invoice is overdue.

When creating your Biz Invoice, toggle Yes for ‘Auto send payment reminders’ and reminders will be sent every 3, 7 and 14 days after the due date unless paid.

For more help, refer to our ‘Resend, remind and cancel’ Biz Invoice Video

When creating your Biz Invoice, toggle Yes for ‘Auto send payment reminders’ and reminders will be sent every 3, 7 and 14 days after the due date unless paid.

For more help, refer to our ‘Resend, remind and cancel’ Biz Invoice Video

When the Biz Invoice has been paid and the payment has been reconciled, you can re-send the invoice with the total being paid.

Your customer can keep this for their records.