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Why Community Solutions One?

No monthly fees

We’d rather you put the money to good use, supporting your cause.


No transaction fees

Includes all online and in-app payments plus in-branch banking.1

Other benefits for NFPs

Speed and convenience

  • 24/7 banking through Online Banking and the Westpac App2
  • Receive payments near instantly via OSKO3
  • Simplify your accounting by linking Xero, MYOB and others with bank feeds4
  • Make and receive secure payments via PayID
  • Use a Business Debit Mastercard®5 for cash and purchases
  • Link an optional cheque book to your account
  • Deposit, receive and access funds, and make payments through a variety of banking channels including in branch, online, telephone banking and debit card
  • Complement your everyday account with a Community Solutions Cash Reserve savings account.

Variable interest rates (p.a.)

Amount Variable base rates p.a.
$0 to $4,999 0% p.a.
Above $4,999 to $9,999 0% p.a.
Above $9,999 to $19,999 0% p.a.
Above $19,999 to $49,999 0% p.a.
Above $49,999 to $99,999 0% p.a.
Above $99,999 and over 0% p.a.

Eligibility check

  • 18+ years old (applicant plus all signatories)
  • Not-for-profit organisations including charities, community and sporting groups, schools, government bodies, and registered political parties
  • Operating in Australia with an Australian address.

What to take when you apply in branch

For your security, we’re required to check a few things before you can open one of these accounts. 

Please make an appointment at any branch for an ID check for you and ALL other signatories of the account, plus a document check.

ID options:

  • Driver licence or passport, OR
  • Birth/citizenship certificate PLUS Medicare card or recent utility bill in your/their name.

A document we’ll need to see:

  • Memorandum and articles of association confirming your not-for-profit status, OR
  • ATO income tax exception certificate, OR
  • Certificate of registration, or certificate of incorporation if a community group. 

Other accounts to consider

If you’d like a transaction account with an overdraft facility, try a Business transaction account instead.

Business One

For organisations that mainly bank online and on mobile.

Business One Plus

For organisations that bank online, on mobile, and also in branch.

Things you should know

Deposit Accounts for Business Customers Terms and Conditions (PDF 556KB)

Business Debit Mastercard® Terms and Conditions (PDF 171KB)


Community Solutions One is available for not-for-profit organisations including companies operating on a non-profit or charitable basis. Westpac reserves the right, with at least 30 days written notice, to change the account to a Westpac Business One Plus if it considers that the account is being used for profit-making purposes.
1. Fees may be incurred for certain electronic transactions such as foreign transactions and withdrawals from some overseas ATMs. Customers must be able to meet any applicable fees and charges. For a complete view of fees, please refer to our Deposit Accounts for Business Customers Terms and Conditions (PDF 556KB).

2. Access at any time is subject to system availability.

3. Fast or near real-time payments are sent and received using Osko by BPAY and can be addressed to either a PayID or a BSB and account number. Near real-time payments require both the payer and payee to have Osko enabled accounts. Payments may take longer in some instances, such as where there is a technical interruption to the service, there is a payment to a first time payee or when the payment is caught for additional security screening. BPAY® and Osko® are registered trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

4. Read the Westpac Online Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 417KB) before making a decision. Not all accounts are eligible to be included in a bank feed. Not all third-party service providers support bank feeds for all accounts.
Bank feeds must be set up with third-party service provider before it can be connected in Westpac Online Banking. If your third-party service provider doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu in Westpac Online Banking, you may need to check that your third-party service provider is registered with Westpac. Should there be any changes to your user access or network access levels, you may need to disconnect your bank feed(s) as any access changes won’t impact bank feeds. The products and services offered by third-party service providers are subject to their own terms and conditions and fees and charges. Westpac doesn’t guarantee or endorse the services or products offered by third-party service providers.

5. Business Debit Mastercard® holders need to be at least 18 years of age, and other eligibility criteria apply.

Before making a decision about any of our products or services, please read all the terms and conditions. Fees and charges apply and may change.