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Digital Writing Style Guide

"Good writing does not come from verbiage but from words."
Jeff Lindsay, Playwright.


Whether we're creating a product page, a digital marketing campaign or a CTA button, we write high-quality copy. Our writing is simple, clear and helpful across all our platforms and brands.  

Writing for digital

What works well on paper doesn't necessarilty work well online. Here's what you should know when writing for digital.

Editorial style

Get familiar with the personality of each of our brands.  


SEO is a cost-effective way to increase the chances of your content displaying highly in search engine results pages (SERP). Here are the basics.

The A-Z

A quick and easy way to see how we write certain things.  



Rule Example
Only use commonly known abbreviations and use them when appropriate - especially where space is limited

e.g.  (full stop after each letter, no space between characters)

etc.   (full stop just at the end)

am, pm (no punctuation or spaces e.g. 7am, 8pm)

n/a (lower case and no space either side of the /)

Min., max. (sentence case and full stop after abbreviation).

etc. means 'more of the same'

i.e. means 'that is' and they should not be used interchangably

Use a comma before both

Westpac caters to a diverse range of industries, i.e. education, social sector, etc.


Acronyms - in the first instance write the full spelling and add the initialism in rounded brackets 

Complete the form by updating your tax file number (TFN) 

Chinese New Year (CNY)

For well-known acronyms you do not need to spell out the full name first.

Full stops are not required between each letter



Acronyms are capitalised unless the acroymn has become a commonly used word, then use sentence case
Qantas, Nasa, laser, sim
Abbreviations relating to numerals (such as units of measurement) - should be lower case. There should be no space between the number and the abbreviation   70kg, 6.5m 
Never replace a product name with an acronym

Yes: Credit Card

No: CC

Yes: Home Loan

No: HL

Million, billion and trillion - lower case in headlines and body copy 




The abbreviation is never plural

Yes: 25kg

No: 25kgs