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Conflicts of interest

Our staff are not permitted to participate in activities which involve a conflict with their duties and responsibilities or which are prejudicial to our business.  That's why we require our staff to:

  • Seek the consent of senior management before accepting a directorship on the board of a non-Westpac Group company
  • Disclose any material interests they have in our customers to their manager and not manage customer relationships where they have such an interest
  • Not participate in business activities outside their employment with us (whether as a principal, partner, director, agent, guarantor, investor or employee) without the approval of management, or when it could adversely affect their ability to carry out their duties and responsibilities
  • Not solicit, accept or offer money, gifts, favours or entertainment which might influence, or might appear to influence, their business judgment
  • Maintain their own accounts with the Westpac Group in accordance with the accounts' conditions and accept the consequences (including fees or penalties applied) if any of their own accounts are not properly maintained
  • Not process their own transactions or those of their friends, relatives or business associates
  • In meeting sales targets, they place the interest of our customers first and only recommend customers move their funds to new accounts or purchase new products or services when it is in their best interest to do so.