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Westpac’s Asian hub awarded top global eco-efficiency rating

6 March 2015

Westpac’s Singapore office, located in Asia’s most eco-efficient building complex, is one of the region’s first tenancies to be awarded the highest Platinum rating by Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), the globally recognised green building certification program.


According to Lance Vassarotti, Westpac’s Head of  Expansion, International, the certification reflects Westpac’s leadership in healthy and sustainable work practices.


“We set out from day one to create a sustainable workplace,” Lance said.

“And we’re delighted that our 12 months of effort  to achieve the demanding standards of the US Green Building Council have been recognised with the highest global certification.


“This is great news for our employees, who enjoy working in a healthy office with great airflow, real sunlight, a good workspace layout and surrounded by natural surfaces. It makes economic sense too, as we benefit from the long term savings from power efficient equipment and engineering. 


“There is no doubt the Platinum rating has also been very well received by our customers in Asia, where operating sustainably, with low environmental impact, is highly valued,” he said.


Lance said sustainability was considered in every aspect of the design and build of the office, which is located over two floors joined by an internal staircase in Tower 2 of Asia Square. 


“Our designers went to great lengths to source appropriate materials – from the paints, laminates, woods, fabrics, recycled fixtures and fittings, right through to the type of glue we used to stick down carpets.


“Our engineers stepped up to the eco-efficiency challenge, including reworking air-circulation to ensure air quality and installing motion detectors to automatically turned off air conditioning when not required and sensors that turn down the lighting to allow the daylight to be harvested.  And our builders made sure all subcontractors worked sustainably, even down to sorting and disposing building waste.”


Lance added that prior to occupancy in August 2014, millions of litres of air were pumped through the tenancy as part of the certification to clean out pathogens and deliver a healthy environment.


What makes The Human Building so sustainable? 


Westpac’s LEED Platinum rating for its tenancy in Asia Square, also known as The Human Building, benefitted from the building’s existing core and shell Platinum rating. 


Boasting energy consumption that is 35% less than other standard commercial buildings, Asia Square has some impressive features that make it the most eco-friendly building in Singapore. 


This includes its ability to convert the kinetic energy produced by its lifts into electrical energy which is redistributed back to the lift system, saving both energy consumption and cost. Water and vapour droplets are collected from the air handling units and used for water for the plants and toilets within the compound, saving water usage and also the utility bills. 


Asia Square also has a bio diesel plant within its compound that converts oil collected from its tenants’ eateries into biodiesel to generate electricity.