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Westpac offers customers’ access to ATMs in Indonesia and Malaysia with no ATM withdrawal fee


Westpac and CIMB Group have established a partnership that will deliver access to CIMB Group ATMs without ATM withdrawal fees for Westpac customers throughout Indonesia and Malaysia1.

In the lead up to the holiday season, when tens of thousands of Aussies are expected to travel to Indonesia and Malaysia, Westpac has announced it will further extend its ATM network, offering customers access to more than 3,300 CIMB Niaga ATMs in Indonesia and 2,200 CIMB ATMs throughout Malaysia without paying ATM withdrawal fees.

With stunning scenery, delicious food and a smiling population, it's no wonder Indonesia is the second most popular travel destination for Aussie travellers.

Malaysia also remains a favourite holiday spot for Aussies and consistently ranks in Australia's top 10 most popular overseas travel destinations.

Westpac's Head of Consumer Finance & Payments, Stephen Benton said that offering fee-free ATM access in these destinations that Australians are travelling to frequently is another way Westpac is helping customers spend more on what they want and less on fees when they are travelling overseas.

"We want to create a seamless banking experience for our customers. We want them to enjoy greater access and more convenience, at a low cost. With so many Australians holidaying in Asia, the new ATM partnership with CIMB Group in Indonesia and Malaysia is a great outcome for customers," he said.

As well as Westpac's partnership with CIMB Group, Westpac is the only Australian bank to be involved in the Global ATM Alliance, a network which gives travellers with a Westpac card access to more than 50,000 ATMs globally, from leading banks, including Barclays, Bank of America and Deutsch Bank2.

Under the Westpac and CIMB Group partnership, Indonesian and Malaysian customers of CIMB Group will enjoy access to more than 3,000 Westpac ATMs in Australia without an ATM withdrawal fee3

To help travellers ensure they are financially equipped before their trip, Stephen Benton has provided the following tips:

Westpac's Top Financial Travel Tips:

  1.  Develop a travel budget
    Include flights, accommodation, meals, spending money and emergency cash. For the 'advanced' budgeters, set yourself a daily limit so you can get a sense of whether you're ahead or behind throughout your holiday.
  2. Payment options
    Work out how you'll spend your money before you go. Consider whether credit cards, debit cards, foreign currency cards, travellers cheques, cash or online payment options are best. For example, purchasing your plane ticket online, buying meals with cash and souvenirs on your credit card could help you keep track.
  3. Be prepared
    Organise things like foreign currency by visiting your local Westpac branch before you go and make sure you let your bank know you are travelling overseas. Westpac Online Banking customers will receive travel alerts on their smartphone when they are about to leave the country or when travelling overseas. Westpac customers will also receive a text notifying them of the nearest Global ATM Alliance or CIMB Group ATM when overseas and can use the Westpac Global ATM Locator app to locate the closest at each destination. Be aware that international data roaming charges may be charged by your mobile telephone service provider when using your smartphone overseas.
  4. Play it safe
    Just in case you lose your documents or they get stolen, make copies and keep them in safe places. Look at getting a foreign currency card before you leave. The Westpac Global Currency Card comes as two cards so you can keep one in your wallet and one with your passport as a back-up.
  5. Keep a record
    Consider a "document wallet" for your smart phone - a password-protected application that stores important details and can be accessed in the case of an emergency.


1. A 3% Westpac Foreign Transaction Fee applies to overseas debit or credit card withdrawals.  A 2% cash advance fee applies to credit card withdrawals where the "credit" option is selected.  Some ATMs require you to select the "credit" option

2. A list of Global Alliance members is available at  Excludes American Express card.

3. Other fees and charges may apply.