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Westpac Capital Notes 6 FAQs

Please be aware, the Westpac Capital Notes 6 Offer is now closed and Applications are no longer being accepted.

Reinvestment Offer – All valid reinvestment Applications (including Applications through Syndicate Brokers) were accepted in full. Applications for additional Notes have been accepted in accordance with the basis of Allocation set out below for the Securityholder Offer.

Securityholder Offer – Applications under the Securityholder Offer have been scaled back and Notes have been Allocated on the following basis:

  • up to $25,000 of each Application Payment has been accepted in full; and
  • 70% of Application Payments in excess of $25,000 have been accepted. Calculations resulting in a fraction of a Note have been rounded up to the next whole Note.

Broker Firm Offer – Allocations to Joint Lead Managers and Co-Managers were determined under the Bookbuild. Syndicate Brokers are responsible for determining Allocations made to Broker Firm Applicants.

Institutional Offer – Institutional Investors have been individually advised of their Allocations.

Please see Section 8.3 of the Prospectus for further information about Allocation and Allotment.

Terms and conditions

Unless otherwise defined, capitalised terms used on this website have the same meaning as those in the Prospectus. A reference to Prospectus on this website is a reference to either the original Prospectus or the replacement Prospectus (as the context requires).

Terms and Conditions document (PDF 92KB)

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