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Other Westpac securities

Westpac hybrid securities, preference shares, capital notes and subordinated notes listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Westpac Capital Notes - Australian Taxation Office (ATO) guidance on application of hybrid mismatch rules

Westpac notes the release of guidance by the ATO on the franking credit entitlement of hybrid investors under the hybrid mismatch rules (released on 14 February 2020). The guidance follows the release of relevant exposure draft legislation by the Government in December 2019.

The hybrid mismatch rules have potential application to hybrid capital securities issued after 9 May 2017, which include Westpac Capital Notes 5 and Westpac Capital Notes 6 (Relevant Westpac Capital Notes). Based on the ATO guidance and the exposure draft legislation, Westpac expects no impact on investors’ ability to claim franking credits in respect of the Relevant Westpac Capital Notes.

Holders of Relevant Westpac Capital Notes do not need to take any action at this time in respect of this guidance.

The ATO guidance is available on their website

Westpac's Guide to Bank Hybrids

Westpac's Guide to Bank Hybrids, a web-based guide to help investors understand some of the typical features and risks associated with an investment in bank hybrid securities. The Guide to Bank Hybrids provides a brief overview of hybrid investments, including how to invest in an Australian bank and the typical features and risks of different types of bank hybrids.

Latest distribution/interest/dividend payments

Security Payment date Rate per annum Amount per note/share
Westpac NZD Subordinated Notes 1 September 2020 4.6950% NZ$0.0117375   
Westpac Capital Notes 6   18 September 2020 2.6635% $0.6713
Westpac Capital Notes 3   22 September 2020 2.8735%  $0.7243
Westpac Capital Notes 5   22 September 2020 2.3135%  $0.5831
Westpac Capital Notes 2   23 September 2020 2.2075%  $0.5564
Westpac Capital Notes 4

30 September 2020 3.5000% $0.8822

Upcoming distribution/interest/dividend payments

Security Payment date Rate per annum Amount per note/share
Westpac NZD Subordinated Notes 1 December 2020 4.6950% NZ$0.0117375
Westpac Capital Notes 6    18 December 2020 2.6530%1 $0.66141
Westpac Capital Notes 5    22 December 2020  2.3030%1 $0.57421
Westpac Capital Notes 3 22 December 2020 2.8630%1 $0.71381
Westpac Capital Notes 2    23 December 2020 2.1910%1 $0.54621
Westpac Capital Notes 4  30 December 2020 3.4950%1 $0.87141

1 Expected rate/amount per note/share

Securities currently on issue

Security ASX code Issue date
Westpac Capital Notes 6  WBCPI  December 2018 
Westpac Capital Notes 5                              WBCPH March 2018
 Westpac Capital Notes 4  WBCPG June 2016
 Westpac Capital Notes 3  WBCPF September 2015
Westpac Capital Notes 2 WBCPE June 2014
Security NZX code Issue date
Westpac NZD Subordinated Notes WBC010 September 2016

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