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Westpac has committed $150m to Reinventure

What we do and why

Westpac’s commitment to Reinventure recognises the increasing impact of technology in reshaping financial markets.   Working with Reinventure, Westpac gains deep insight into technologies and business models that may drive new customer experiences and disrupt traditional financial services.

The Reinventure portfolio companies gain access not just to Westpac capital, but may strategically benefit from Westpac resources and expertise to enable the company to scale more rapidly.


“We bring more than just money to the investments we make in start-ups; we help entrepreneurs achieve things they just wouldn’t be able to on their own.”

Danny Gilligan, Co-Founder Reinventure

From the Reinventure portfolio


Akin build human-like AI, able to autonomously solve complex problems and form deep relationships with humans. They are looking to build the next generation AI, and are looking at AI to improve human life and build trust.

Ping Data

Ping Data is reimagining receipts from the end of a transaction to the start of a relationship. Ping auto-links to your bank card and attaches receipts to the corresponding transaction within a banking app.


Kasada helps businesses identify non-human traffic to their website, protecting the business from automated bots that can steal valuable content, break into user accounts and overload servers.