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What is Open Banking?

Open Banking gives you, as a Westpac customer, the ability to share your banking data with other parties you trust, including other banks, online.

What is the Consumer Data Right?

The Consumer Data Right is a law which provides eligible individuals or organisations with the right to request access to generic data relating to banking products and services that we offer (product reference data), as well as request data relating to the products and services that relate to you as an individual or business (consumer data). The Consumer Data Right puts control of your data in your hands. In relation to the banking sector, the Consumer Data Right is referred to as “Open Banking”.

What's New for Open Banking?

Open Banking enables customers to securely share their selected banking data for eligible products with Accredited Data Recipients (ADRs).

Westpac has achieved ADR status, meaning we are able to ingest data from other accredited data holders (ADHs). The first of our data ingestion offerings is scheduled to launch on 17 April 2023, with instant mortgages; allowing customers to digitally consent to data sharing, to enable our mortgage team validate customer income electronically.

Data sharing is driven by customers, when they consent to share their financials with Westpac from an ADH. Once they have commenced data sharing, customers can manage their data sharing from the Westpac Live dashboard. More information on the participants (Data Holders and ADRs) in the Consumer Data Right ecosystem is available here CDR website

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing data with Westpac

An Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) is an entity that has been accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to receive data under the Consumer Data Right (CDR) regime. An ADR will only receive data under the CDR regime after it has received consent from an eligible consumer, and it must only use the data for the purpose that the consumer has requested.

An ADR must comply with a strict set of requirements to receive accreditation from the ACCC. These requirements ensure that the ADR has appropriate data security, privacy, operational capability, and risk management measures in place to protect consumer data.

Westpac has been accredited by the ACCC as an ADR.

Sharing data outside of Westpac

On 1 July 2019 Westpac commenced data sharing for product reference data via our public Open Banking Product Application Programming Interface (API). The number of products available for product reference data sharing expanded on 1 February 2020 and again on 1 July 2020, in line with the phased implementation of the Open Banking regulations. Product reference data can be used by third parties to make comparisons of products and prices across the market.

On 1 July 2020 Westpac commenced consumer data sharing, allowing eligible customers to share their data for in-scope products with Accredited Data Recipients. The products and data available for consumer data sharing expanded on 1 November 2020 and again on 1 February 2021, in line with the phased implementation of the Open Banking regulations. Consumer data sharing gives consumers greater access to and control over their data, and may improve consumers’ ability to compare and switch between products and services.  

On 1 November 2021, data sharing commenced for eligible non-individual (Organisation) customers  to share in-scope data via Open Banking. To share data with an ADR, eligible Organisations must first activate a “data sharing authority” for their business networks.  For new business networks established from 1 November 2021, this data sharing authority has been activated by default. For business networks that existed before 1 November 2021, Organisations can activate a data sharing authority by completing an Open Banking Data Sharing Authority form. Once an eligible Organisation has an active data sharing authority, the existing business network administrators for that Organisation will be able to nominate network users from the business network as representatives to grant, amend and manage data sharing consents for in-scope products on behalf of the Organisation (Nominated Representatives). 

Consumer Data Right (CDR) Policy

The Westpac Group CDR Policy provides information about how Westpac manages data under the Consumer Data Right.

Consumer Data Right (CDR) Policy (PDF 920KB)

List of Accounts

This document provides a list of all Westpac accounts eligible for data sharing through Open Banking.


List of Accounts (PDF 113KB)

Self-reported implementation gaps we’re rectifying

To learn more about our implementation gaps, please see the table below:

Implementation Gap Proposed Resolution Date Status
1. Secondary User Indication Rules

Westpac Banking Group received guidance from the ACCC in a letter dated 26 October on the interpretation of rules concerning an account owner’s ability to restrict authorised Secondary Users from further data sharing for specific accredited persons.
Westpac Banking Group have delivered functionality that allows an account owner to stop continuing data sharing consents authorised by secondary users to ‘an accredited person’. This functionality is in place for all currently delivered scope.
TBC In Progress

To see the implementation gaps for Westpac Group, please check the ACCC CDR rectification schedule (under the section Major Data Holders, for Westpac).