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Meet Daniel

Daniel is a Senior Service Delivery Specialist and has worked at Westpac for about 10 years. Daniel is also a Rifleman in the Infantry Corps for the Army Reserves.

Daniel Saumaitoga
Senior Service Delivery Specialist
Enterprise Compute & Storage Services – Infrastructure, Group Technology

What is your role in the Reserves?

As a qualified Rifleman in the Infantry Corps for the Army Reserves, I handle advanced weaponry as part of a close-knit and highly trained combat team. The Infantry Corps is the front line of Australia’s defensive capability and I am proud to be an integral member of this team.

Describe your current role at Westpac and previous roles

I’m a Senior Service Delivery Specialist,  and work with our suppliers, internal IT Westpac Support Teams and the infrastructure assets that underpin Infrastructure Services.

I started my career in IT over 20 years ago as a mainframe operator. I then moved on to the administration of Unix Systems, Enterprise Storage Arrays and managing Enterprise Backup Solutions. I'm off the tools now and have been in IT Governance for about six years.

I really enjoy governance because it allows our team to be the "eyes in the sky" over our IT Operations. Our role is to help remove blockers and ensure our IT assets are compliant, while assisting in risk management, and monitoring supplier performance against contractual obligations. We also help manage IT Security, in particular identity access, and patch and vulnerability management, which is something I have a very strong interest in.     

What are the key skills and experiences you have gained from the Reserves that apply to your work at Westpac?

Methodical thinking techniques to break down objectives and goals, strong work ethic, and the importance of being a team player, are just some of the key skills I learnt in the Reserves and apply to my work at Westpac every day. Everything in the army is designed around performing as a team player which helps build the right culture. The strong bonds and connections that grow between everyone from this culture also helps develop a more supportive and inclusive camaraderie. These experiences and skills learnt are easily transferrable into the workplace because it’s a winning recipe. If you set these team player qualities as the minimum standard which control the way we think, communicate, and behave then it truly does become infectious to others and they feel compelled to participate, follow and contribute in the same way.         

How do you balance your commitments between the Reserves and working at Westpac?

It's about building strong relationships within Reserves, at Westpac and at home so that everyone can be supportive. Relationships are so important, and I know it’s up to me to develop trust among everyone who may be impacted positively or negatively on the decisions I make with commitments. Being transparent and keeping clear communication channels open with Westpac has enabled me to continue my commitments. Most of my commitments with the Reserves occur after business hours so it’s more like working two jobs – although Reserves feel more like a second family to me than a job. When deployments do come up, Westpac offers great support through their Reserves Policy which also helps me balance my commitments. 

Having a supportive family also helps so that I can give myself 100% to the Reserves and to Westpac.

Why should Reservists consider Westpac as a future employer?

Westpac and Defence are very similar in their organisational structure, with culture in some respects and the way they operate. Reservists are very fortunate to have the support of Westpac which is officially documented into a Policy. Westpac recognises the qualities that Defence personnel bring to civilian life and this is highly sought after. Westpac offers flexibility and some really great people to work with. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and experience with Westpac so far.