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Making Life Better for our Engineers

Why join Westpac Engineering?

Our engineers are vital to the success of our digital future. So, we’ve created the best possible environment for you to collaborate and innovate. We’re ensuring the work is challenging yet satisfying by building, assembling, and using the latest technologies and methods. Everything we do is designed to give you more freedom, more choice, more support, and less red tape so you can get on with the fun stuff – building the systems that change the future. 

Work that matters

As a Westpac engineer, whether you’re creating innovative mobile apps, conversational AI or blockchain capabilities, your work will be helping simplify and modernise the technology that millions of Australians and New Zealanders use every day. The digital platforms you build will literally be making their lives better.

Flexible working options

You’ll have the freedom to choose where you work - be that from home, the office, or a combination of the two. You might choose to work in one of our dedicated tech hubs in cosmopolitan Sydney or Melbourne or one of our regional hubs in lifestyle locations such as the Gold Coast. You may even take the option to have a mini stint in one of our selected overseas locations.

Choice of Tech

We respect that for engineers, choice of laptop and mobile is highly personal. So, you’ll have your choice of the latest Apple or Microsoft equipment and the latest Samsung or Apple mobile with unlimited data. 

Time to learn

You’ll be given dedicated time to learn. That includes access to continuing education through certification programs, Microsoft accreditation, formal training academies, ‘Tech Talks’, ‘TechX’, ‘CTS Learning Series’, coaching and mentoring.

Leaders who get it

You’ll work in collaborative squads led by other experienced engineers who will champion and add value to your work. With tech rather than operational leads, you’ll have a mentor who, speaks your language, understands your needs, and can ensure your team have continuity and ownership of your work. 

Mesh for engineers

You’ll work in our advanced mesh environment designed by engineers for engineers. You’ll have access to an open community-led marketplace with thousands of reusable components. You’ll use state-of-the-art delivery pipelines which means less time spent on the technology plumbing and more time focusing on the fun stuff – like building the best digital platforms in Australia and New Zealand.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

When you join Westpac engineering, you’ll have the best of a tech company with exciting work and competitive packages. But you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with working for one of Australia’s largest banks, including generous parental and other supportive leave, career pathways, and valuable savings on banking products and services.