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  • Westpac Lifetime Protect

    A flexible life insurance policy that is easy for you to change as your needs change.

  • Westpac Instant Cover

    Designed for under 35’s, a flexible life insurance policy with automatic approval that’s easy to update as your needs and life stages change.

  • Westpac Well

    A simple, no-fuss life insurance policy providing a lump sum payment to help cover medical expenses for a range of specified medical conditions and...

  • Westpac Estate Plan

    Pays a lump sum upon the death of the policy holder, which can help lessen the financial burden of any outstanding bills or funeral expenses.

  • Westpac Accidental Death Plan

    Pays a one-off lump sum to your nominated beneficiaries if you die within 12 months solely as a result of a single accident.

  • Westpac Future Cover

    For existing customers only. This product is no longer available for new customers. Westpac Future Cover is the life insurance you can count on with...


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