Debt markets


Delivering holistic debt financing solutions

Westpac's Debt Markets team is a market leader, responsible for providing innovative and holistic financing solutions, together with seamless deal execution for all of the debt capital requirements of our clients. Westpac's significant market experience and distribution capabilities are demonstrated by the variety of market-leading transactions we execute across a diverse range of industries and sectors. Westpac's capital and loans professionals are not only committed to our clients, they are also very aware of the challenges faced in the global economic climate and are committed to assisting our clients adapt to change effectively and efficiently.

Debt market capabilities

Leading the debt markets in providing consistently high quality execution for our customers.


Meeting your borrowing requirements, from simple loans through to complex structured deals.


Ensure the success of your issue into the rapidly growing corporate bond market.

Structured and Asset Finance

Providing the experience that comes with the structured financing of over $25bn of assets.

Waratah Securities and Sydney Capital Corporation Reports

Downloadable Waratah Receivables Corporation Pty Limited reports.

Fixed interest / debt securities

Meaningful research, powerful execution and efficient settlement.

Interest rate derivatives

Competitive solutions to manage your interest rate risk.

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