How we protect you

Westpac Protect™

Our security guarantee

If for some reason your bank account is compromised as a result of online fraud, we promise to refund any missing funds in full.

Your security is 100% guaranteed with Westpac.

What you must do
Primarily, you must not share any online banking access details (including your password, token access codes or SMS codes) with anyone; be that family or close friend.

It’s essential all passwords are unique and only known to you, even with joint or business accounts.

By not sharing access details, you better safeguard your online activity, but importantly comply with the Terms and Conditions for Online Banking and thus ensuring you’re covered by our security guarantee.

You must inform us immediately if you suspect the security of your access details has been compromised or you suspect an unauthorised transaction or potentially fraud on your accounts.

How to report suspicious activity
Please report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 132 032 or (+612) 9293 9270 from overseas anytime.

Updated 30 October 2014

Like to know more?

Contact us on 1300 655 505 (8am - 8pm, 7 days a week).

Please note our security guarantee is not applicable to Corporate Online Banking.

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Westpac Protect SMS code

We have an additional safeguard against fraud for personal customers. Westpac Protect™ SMS code uses your mobile phone to confirm certain transactions via text message when banking online.

It's quick, simple, doesn't interfere with the majority of your day to day banking and offers:

  • Increased security, free of charge
  • A higher daily limit
  • Flexibility to instantly increase your limit online
  • Same day 'Pay Anyone' payments to other Westpac accounts
  • Alerts to unauthorised activity
  • The ability to instantly reset your Westpac Online Banking password online if you've forgotten it.

Registration is quick and easy

Take just 2 minutes to register. Sign in to Online Banking, select 'Administration' then the 'Security' tab and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

How it works

3 step process for SMS code

We'll send a new SMS code via text message to your mobile phone each time you need one. You will enter this code into Online Banking to confirm your transaction.

More information

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SecurID tokens

We have an additional safeguard against fraud for business and corporate customers. A SecurID® token is a small, portable device that generates a digital security code, which you use with your token password to securely authorise online payments above your nominated daily limit. 

For example, if you set your daily limit to be $0 then it is mandatory to authorise all transactions with a SecurID® token.

How much does it cost?

  • First 3 tokens - free
  • Additional tokens - $5.50 per month
  • Replacing lost or stolen tokens - $25.00 each 

Security tips for using your token

  • Never reveal your token password to anyone
  • Keep your token secure - it fits easily into a key ring or neck chain
  • If you lose your token, contact us immediately to cancel it or stop it being used
  • Treat your token with care - don’t expose it to extreme temperatures. 

Where to go for help

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Security certificates

We've made it even easier for you to protect yourself online with Extended Validation Certificates - an added layer of security. Just look for the green address bar when using compatible browsers so you can be sure you're on a legitimate, secure Westpac site.

Internet Explorer

Secure browser in Internet Explorer


Secure browser in Firefox 


Secure browser in Chrome


Secure browser in Safari   

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