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Important Information

Changes to your Online Banking Terms and Conditions

From 3 November 2017, changes will be made to our Online Banking Terms and Conditions that affect your sign in and transaction authorisation using biometric information.

Please read the revised terms and conditions for Section D clause 2 below:


SECTION D - Security and liability


2    Sign in using Passwords, Mobile passcodes and biometric information


2.1    When you register for Online Banking you’ll be provided with a temporary Password (unless you are under 12 years old).  If you are under 12, the account signatory will be provided with the Password. You must change this Password when you first access Online Banking and ensure any User does the same.


2.2    It is very important that your Password, and every User's Password, remains secure.  Ways to achieve this include choosing a Password that nobody could guess, not using one that includes your name, date of birth (or part thereof) or a combination of these, and not using the same password that is used for other services such as your email service.


2.3    If you use Mobile Banking, you can access your Mobile Banking using your Customer ID and Password.  You may be given an opportunity to select a Mobile passcode or choose to use biometric information such as the fingerprints or facial data you store on your Mobile device for accessing Mobile Banking through your chosen Mobile device.  Selecting a Mobile passcode or selecting to use the stored biometric information to sign in to Mobile Banking are alternatives to entering the Password each time. We will notify you through the Mobile device when you can choose to set up these options to sign in to Tablet Banking.


2.4    You can sign in by using biometric information where your Mobile device allows you to control access to it using, for example, any fingerprint or facial data that you store in the device. If you wish to sign in using biometric information, you should ensure that only your biometric information is stored on the Mobile device. Each time the Mobile device registers a use of biometric information to authorise any transactions through Westpac Mobile Banking or Westpac Tablet Banking (as applicable), you instruct us to perform those transactions.


2.5    In addition to ensuring your Mobile device is secure, it is very important that each Mobile passcode or biometric information used in connection with that Mobile device, remain secure.


2.6    If we suspect the security of your Password or Mobile passcode has been breached, you’ll be required to change it.



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