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Let's talk scams – an in depth look

Scammers are very active in our communities, the more we know about scams, the warning signs, scammers' tactics and the more we share this with family and friends, the better we'll be able to help protect each other from scammers and reduce their impact on the community.
Grab a cup of tea and learn more about spotting and stopping scams from impacting you with our pre-recorded live scams webinar.

What's your scam safety score?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge

Answer simple multiple choice questions to learn about different types of scams. It’s a classic format, and these straight-forward questions have been designed to both teach and test you.


Protect yourself and your business

Complete our security checklists to lower the chance of you or your business becoming a target.

Types of scams

Learn how you can spot different types of scams and what you can do to avoid becoming a target.


Report a scam

If you receive any suspicious calls, emails or SMS messages, or notice unusual activity on your account, it’s important that you let us know.

Be safe and secure

Learn how to look out for scams and fraud
Every year, more and more people fall victim to scammers' tricks. So how do you reduce your risk? Start by arming yourself with the right information.