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Westpac Protect SMS Code FAQs

How much does it cost to use Westpac Protect SMS Code?
Will I be required to confirm payees or BPAY Billers I've paid previously, once I have registered for Westpac Protect SMS Code?
I pay the same bill every month, but get asked for a Westpac Protect SMS Code each time.
Can I set up a new payee before making a payment?
I haven't received the Westpac Protect SMS code on my mobile phone.
I was sent a Westpac Protect SMS code but my Westpac Online Banking session has timed out.
The "Send me a Westpac Protect SMS code" link is no longer visible. How do I request another SMS code?
Why is my full account number not displayed in the text message and on the confirmation screens?
What happens if I delete the SMS code by accident from my mobile phone?
How do I know the SMS code is from Westpac?
I can't use SMS, so what are my options?
I've received a PIN Mailer to activate my Daily Limit, but I have already registered for Westpac Protect SMS Code. What should I do with my PIN Mailer?
How quickly will my payment be received if I am paying another Westpac account holder?
How do I create a new payee for periodic payments?
What happens if I get a request for my Customer ID and password via SMS?
What happens if I send a question to Westpac using SMS?
How do I access the Westpac Protect SMS Code on my mobile phone?
What is an SMS?
In what format do I enter my Westpac Protect SMS Code?
I have been suspended from Westpac Online Banking. What do I do?
Do I need a Westpac Protect SMS Code when transferring funds between my own accounts?
Why did Westpac choose SMS Code as an online security solution?
Why can't I use a token, rather than a SMS Code?
What overseas transactions will SMS Code be required for?