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Protect your card

SecureCard protection

Secure Sentinel with SecureCard™ offers a card registration facility for all your credit, debit, charge, ATM and other financial cards. Should any cards be lost or stolen, 1 phone call to Secure Sentinel arranges cancellation and/or replacement of cards 24/7.

An instance of fraud is not only a stressful experience, but can cause major interruptions to your holiday plans. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee you won't be robbed, or lose major important valuables or documents. But Secure Sentinel can make life easier when disaster strikes.

What to do if your card is lost or stolen

If you don't have SecureCard™ protection, please call and report a lost or stolen card immediately so that we can stop all transactions on your account. You can also report the loss at any Westpac branch:

  • Australia - Call us on 1300 651 089 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) within Australia.
  • Overseas - If you are calling about a lost or stolen card from overseas, call the International Operator to book a reverse charge call to +61 2 9155 7700 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) .  Please note that calls made from mobile phones or hotel rooms may attract additional charges, not covered by the reverse charge service.

Tips for keeping cards secure

Anyone who has access to your personal information (PIN, Online Banking password or Telephone Banking access code) can transact on your accounts. This is why we encourage you to treat this information as confidential.

Our Safeguard your valuables (PDF 130KB) brochure outlines what you need to do to protect your card against a breach of security. It also explains what to do if your business credit card is lost or stolen, and how to keep cards safe when travelling.

  • Ensure we have your current contact details (including home, work and mobile phone numbers and email address)
  • Advise us of your travel plans including a general travel itinerary, if possible, and attempt to be contactable by us at all times, in all global locations (e.g. establish an email account or activate global roaming on your phone)
  • Know where your cards are at all times - if possible walk to the counter to pay your bills instead of giving your card to the waiter, never leave your card behind a bar, and avoid any suspicious looking terminals
  • Destroy expired or unwanted cards by cutting through the signature panel and magnetic strip
  • Keep a list of your credit card numbers in a secure location (helpful when reporting lost or stolen cards)
  • Treat your card as if it were cash. Do not leave it unattended, such as in a car or workplace, and do not give or lend your card to anyone
  • Be suspicious of any person who phones and seeks personal information or bank details without properly identifying themselves
  • Never write your PIN down and make sure it is a number that cannot be found in your wallet, e.g. date of birth or last four digits of your phone number.
Things you should know

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