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Other online scams

Fake job advertisements

Various ads posted online or on the street promising impressive income (sometimes even guaranteeing it) for not a lot of work have become widespread. If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

Also, beware of various work-from-home or amazing business opportunity scams that often target unsuspecting people looking through online employment listings for a new, or change of job. Often, such scams are designed to enrich the promoter and not you. Visit the Federal Government's SCAMwatch site for more detail.

Transferring money for someone else

Sometimes called ' mule recruiting', this is a rapidly growing scam. Fraudsters advertise on the Internet enticing individuals to become money transfer agents. In effect, participants are involved in money laundering.

You should ask yourself the following questions about the so-called job offer:

  • Why was no interview conducted for the job offer?
  • Why weren't you asked for a resume and other documents normally required for a job interview
  • Why would someone who you have never met entrust you with money?
  • Why the need to transfer money via Australia when the 'employer' (the fraudster) is sometimes located in another country, for example Russia?

These circumstances are highly unusual and should raise suspicion. So be wary of this type of scam - if the job advertisement looks too good to be true, then it usually is.