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Personal Loan and Flexi Loan Direct Debit Request

The personal and Flexi loan repayment direct debit request forms provide us with the authority to automatically withdraw your loan repayments from a nominated account through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System.

Why direct debit?

  • Avoid repayment hassles
  • You don't have to be there - with direct debit, repayments take care of themselves.

Can you change the direct debit repayment arrangements?

  • Any changes that you would like to make are subject to the Terms and Conditions of your account.
  • You need to give us 7 days notice before your next scheduled repayment for any of the following:
    • Stopping an individual repayment
    • Deferring a repayment
    • Suspending future repayments
    • Cancelling the repayments completely
    • Altering the repayment amount or repayment cycle.

You can make all of these changes by calling us on 132 651.

You may also stop an individual payment or cancel your direct debit request by contacting the financial institution where your nominated account is held.

If you consider that a direct debit repayment has been initiated incorrectly, or if you don't understand any aspect of the direct debit procedure, you should contact us on 132 651.

Other information

  • If your due date for a loan repayment falls on a weekend or a National Public Holiday, we will automatically direct debit the repayment on the next business day after the weekend or National Public Holiday
  • If your financial institution cannot withdraw the nominated amount from your account (for example, there's not enough money in your account) they may dishonour the withdrawal. Please check the Terms and Conditions of your account to see whether dishonour fees apply
  • Please refer to your direct debit request/loan repayment form to confirm your direct debit loan repayment instructions.

If you have any other questions regarding a personal loan direct debit, feel free to call Westpac's Personal Loan Specialists on 132 651.

Personal loan repayment direct debit request form (PDF 59KB)

Westpac Flexi Loan direct debit request form (PDF 115KB)