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Experience faster and simpler banking now

Available for iPhone (Android update coming soon).

Added features, less hassle

Shop safer online with Digital Card

Access your Digital Card in the app, where your CVC is dynamic and refreshed every 24 hours for added security.


Hit your Savings Goals

Set up long or short-term goals, savings buckets and visually track your progress.


Find it fast with Smart Search

Need to do something in a hurry, like lock your card? The Smart Search feature makes it quicker and easier.


Make it yours

Choose a wallpaper, icon colour and even add a profile pic.


See what our customers think

“It’s helpful having an app that is easy to navigate and visually appealing while managing a bank account for the first time. I especially like the logos on the transaction lists and the transaction details including location etc."  

Ethan, 19, NSW


“Fantastic app allows you to do the majority of tasks quickly and easily. It’s intuitive and easy to find what you need.”

Sally, 38, QLD


"I love the clear new look which works well with my text size increased, and how it's easier to find everything with the bottom menu. It's so quick to check my balances and now I can drag to transfer money between accounts."

Frances, 73, ACT


"Thank you to the team at Westpac for their banking app. It is so very easy to use, to navigate your way around. It’s smooth sailing with this, it feels like someone is holding your hand the entire time."

Toni, 50, NSW

How to get your hands on the new app experience

If you have auto-updates enabled, you may have access now. You'll also need to be using iOS 13 or above. Then, just open the app on your iPhone.

Or, update manually with the following steps:

App store icon is magnified on an iPhone
Step 1

Visit the App Store on your iPhone.


App store screen showing the profile picture magnified on the top right
Step 2

Tap your profile icon in the top right corner.


Update is magnified next to the Westpac App
Step 3

Scroll down and tap ‘Update’ next to the Westpac App.



Can I get the new Westpac App on my iPhone?

You’ll need:

  • Phone 6s or later
  • Operating system iOS13 and above

To update your operating system:

  • Connect your iPhone to power and connect to Wi-Fi
  • Go to Settings > General
  • Tap Software update then Download
  • Tap Install and follow the prompts.

More information

Why is the new Westpac App only for iPhone?

We are slowing rolling out the new app. An Android update is coming soon.

Why isn’t the new app available for business banking or member profile?

We want to provide the best app experience for customers as soon as possible. With that in mind, we’re only updating personal profiles at this time.

Is the new app accessible for special needs?

Accessibility is a priority for Westpac. The new Westpac App has been tested to ensure it’s accessible, We’ll continue to make improvements to help all customers.

Where do I find my account number and BSB?

Tap your account and view both at the top of the screen.

Where do I find Cardless Cash

If you have Quick View enabled, you’ll find it on the sign in screen. Otherwise, tap the $ icon.

Where are my contact details?

Tap Profile > Settings > Contact details

How do I sign out?

Tap Sign out at the top of the screen. If you forget, you’ll automatically be signed out after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Where do I find my recurring payments?

You’ll find these in your payments list. Tap Profile > Payments then tap Upcoming.

How do I switch between personal and business banking profiles?

Tap Profile to switch to business banking. To switch back, tap the menu icon in the top left of the screen.

How do I change my wallpaper?

Search Wallpaper in the Smart Search bar and select the wallpaper design you want. You can also tap Profile > Settings > Wallpaper. To return to the home screen, tap the home icon on the menu bar. You can also tap < Wallpaper < Settings < Profile.

Why does my sign in screen look different?

We changed the design, to make sign in easier. If you have Quick Balance, you might need to set it up. Search Quick View in the Smart Search bar and toggle on Quick View.

How do I set up Quick view?

Search Quick view in the Smart Search bar.

  • Toggle on Quick view
  • Toggle on Accounts and choose up to 3 accounts
  • Toggle on Quick transfer for fast drag and drop transfers between accounts
  • Toggle on Rewards points
How do I view transactions in Quick Balance?

Go to Quick Balance, tap the account and sign in. You’ll be taken to the account page to view all transactions.

How do I add my card to Apple Pay?

To add your card to Apple Pay, you'll need to have enabled either Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode on your device, and an Apple ID signed in to your iCloud account. Ensure your region is set to Australia and you have internet access. 

Add your card to Apple Pay from our Mobile Banking app:

  • Search for Apple Pay in the Smart Search bar
  • Tap Add to Apple Pay
  • Swipe to select the eligible card you want to add
  • Tap Add to Apple Wallet, enter the SMS Protect Code to authenticate your identity and follow the prompts
  • Your eligible card is added to your Apple Wallet and ready to use.
How do I remove my Customer ID?

Tap Profile > Settings > Sign in and tap Customer ID and password. You can also search sign in settings in the Smart Search bar. Once removed, you’ll have to re-enter your Customer ID every time you sign into the app.

How do I nickname an account?

Select the account and tap the (i) icon in the top right corner. Tap edit to nickname the account.

How do I arrange my accounts?

Accounts are listed alphabetically on the dashboard. To change the order, you have to change the account nickname. Select the account, tap the (i) icon in the top right corner and tap edit to nickname the account.

Can I use Siri for voice banking?

Siri Shortcuts payments and transfers is available in the new Westpac App. You’ll need to enable Siri in your iPhone settings. To create a Siri shortcut payment, tap $ and make a payment or transfer. Once complete, tap Add shortcut.

Where are my Favourite Payments?

Siri Shortcuts payments and transfers has replaced Favourite Payments in the new Westpac App. You’ll still be able to see your Favourite Payments when you sign into Online Banking on desktop.

Where do I find my eStatements?

Go to Profile > Documents > Statements. You can also search eStatements in the Smart Search bar.

How do I switch to eStatements?

Go to Profile > Settings > Statements and tap Switch all to eStatements

Is Pay to Mobile available?

You’ll still find it in Online Banking, but Pay to Mobile isn’t available in the new Westpac App. You can still make payments to mobile numbers registered for PayID.

How do I set up PayID for faster payments?

Go to Profile > Settings > Pay ID and add your mobile number. If you have Pay ID set up with another financial institution, you’ll need to contact them to change where your Pay ID is linked.

How do I drag and drop between accounts?

Hold down the From account until a red $ icon appears, then drag it onto the To account. You’ll need two accounts that are eligible for fund transfers, such as a transaction, savings or credit card account. Not all accounts are eligible.

Can I use the Smart Search bar to pay someone?

Use the Smart Search bar to make payments fast. Search Pay payees and billers to make a Pay anyone payment. You can also type Pay and the payee name to make the payment. 

Things you should know

This information is general in nature and has been prepared without taking your objectives, needs and overall financial situation into account. For this reason, you should consider the appropriateness for the information to your own circumstances and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice. 

Online Banking Terms and Conditions apply.

Mobile and Tablet Banking applications are only available for use by Westpac Australia customers.

An internet connection is needed to access the Westpac App. Normal mobile data charges apply.

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