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Online Income Verification Terms and Conditions

1.    Consent

You consent to us collecting (via your selected financial institution’s online services) transaction information for your nominated accounts with that financial institution (Transaction Information Collection).

2.    Purpose

We agree to only use the transaction information we collect through Transaction Information Collection to attempt to:

  • verify your income as part of assessing your eligibility to obtain credit from us; and
  • prepopulate information into future credit applications you may make.

3.    Other financial institution terms and conditions

In establishing accounts with another financial institution and using the online services they provide you may have agreed to one or more sets of terms and conditions. These terms and conditions could relate to the particular accounts you have with the other financial institution or the use of their website or online services. These other financial institution terms and conditions may contain provisions relevant to you permitting us to engage in Transaction Information Collection.

You should check these other financial institution terms and conditions to ensure that you do not breach them by permitting us to engage in Transaction Information Collection.

4.    Limitations on our liability

We take no responsibility (and are not liable) for:

  • Transaction Information Collection not being possible for any reason;
  • us not being able to verify (or a delay in verifying) your income and other aspects of your financial situation by means of Transaction Information Collection for any reason; or
  • you permitting us to engage in Transaction Information Collection resulting in you breaching any terms and conditions you have agreed with your other financial institution (refer to section 3).

5.        Service providers

In undertaking Transaction Information Collection we may use service providers, but where we do so, we take responsibility for their conduct as if it were our own conduct.  We will ensure that they do not retain any of your personal information as a result of providing services to us in connection with Transaction Information Collection.

6.    Other applicable terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are in addition to the Westpac Online Banking – Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions for any product for which you are applying.

7.    Definitions

'We', 'our', 'us' means Westpac  Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141.