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New app.
Simpler banking.

iPhone in hand showing new Westpac App sign-in page

An even bigger help in life’s little moments

More than just a fresh new look, the new Westpac App has been designed to help you get your banking sorted – whether that’s a quick balance check, paying a mate for dinner, or quickly moving money between your accounts. It’s all about making it faster and simpler to do what you need to do.

App screen shows new cards hub feature

Here’s what’s new:

App screen shows new smart search feature with popular search suggestions

A new way to search

Use smart search to quickly find features like temporary card lock (before you melt down), get answers to questions or find someone you want to pay.

App screen demonstrating new drag and drop feature

Drag and drop transfers

Transferring funds between your Westpac accounts is now simpler. Think one-handed banking between the aisle and the checkout.

App screen shows four examples of new app wallpaper options

A little personal flavour

Give your accounts nicknames and tailor your app wallpaper according to your style.

Finding existing features

App screen shows new app profile screen
Icon showing two cards stacked


Swipe through your new Cards hub to lock a card, report it lost or stolen, set up or change your PIN or activate a new card.

Dollar sign icon


Here you can pay someone, transfer money between your accounts, access Cardless Cash and make a payment via BPAY®.

Icon of human


Tap here to sign out, view direct debits or recurring payments, change your personal details or settings, adjust payment limits or set up Quick Balance.

How to get your hands on the new app

If you have auto updates enabled, you may have access now. You'll need to be using iOS 13 or above.

Or, update manually with the following steps:


Visit the App Store on your iPhone.


Tap your profile icon in the top right corner.


Scroll down and tap ‘Update’ next to the Westpac App.

Frequently asked questions


We’re always looking for ways to improve your banking experience and a better mobile app is one way we can do that.

The updated app is more intuitive and user-friendly, with new features that’ll help you bank faster. It will also allow future updates to be faster too.

New features include smart search to help you quickly navigate to where you want to go and a Cards hub which consolidates all things related to your card.

We’ve removed a few features for iPhone users which weren’t commonly used – things like Siri Banking, iMessage, Apple Watch App, Travel companion and Pay to Mobile – all other features remain.

The new smart search bar can help you find what you’re looking for and the new icons at the bottom of the screen like Cards, Profile and $, house all of the services you need.

Accessing the new app

The new app is compatible with the following iPhone devices:

  • Device: iPhone 6s and above
  • Operating system: iOS 13 and above
  • To enjoy all the new features, you will also need to be on the latest version of the App.

To update the operating system on your supported device:

  1. Connect your device to power and to the internet via Wi-Fi
  2. Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update
  3. Tap Download and Install
  4. Follow the prompts

More information

This will happen automatically over the coming weeks. The upgrade is in two stages, firstly you’ll notice a new front screen with a new wallpaper/background. We will then upgrade you to the new experience where you’ll notice a red $ button for payments, a Cards hub to manage all your card services and a Profile section to manage all your personal settings. You’ll also see a welcome tour the first time you sign into the app.

Yes. Accessibility is always a key consideration for any product or service we offer. We have tested the app extensively to ensure that it is accessible, and we will continue to deliver improvements to help all customers.

Using the new app

You can find these details at the top of the screen when you tap on an account.

Cardless Cash is available on the Quick View screen (if enabled), otherwise it’s located under the red ‘Payments’ $ icon once you’ve signed in.

Sign out is now located in ‘Profile’ – but the app will automatically sign out after 10 minutes of inactivity to help keep things safe and secure.

Yes, all existing recurring payments or direct debits will continue as normal. Recurring payments can be found in the payment list accessed via the bottom of your dashboard or in the profile menu - just tap Profile > Payments.

Tap Profile > Settings > Wallpaper and choose from a range of wallpapers. You’ll see the new image on your home screen. You can also use the new search bar to search ‘Wallpaper’ then just follow the prompts.

Tap Profile > Settings > Quick View then turn on and choose the account/s to view. You can also turn on Quick Transfer if you want to be able to make drag and drop transfers between your accounts in Quick View.

Open the relevant account and tap the information icon in the top right-hand corner, you can then edit the Nickname – this will also allow you to view the accounts in alphabetical order.

Sign into Online Banking on your desktop and choose to view your accounts in a list (Please note your accounts must be in list view rather than tile view – click on the ‘list’ icon for list view). Next, click Edit View > Manage account groups. From here, you can create your own groups, put your accounts in them, and change the order of accounts within a group. You can also move the groups up or down. Or you can nickname all accounts and they will appear in alphabetical order. These changes will be reflected in your app.

You can view your eStatements by tapping Profile > Documents > Statements, or search ‘statements’ via the search bar.

To switch to eStatements, go to Profile > Settings > Statements. You can also search ‘eStatement settings’.

You can no longer make a ‘Pay to Mobile’ payment within the app. However, it is available within Online Banking. You can continue to make payments to mobile numbers registered as PayID payees.

Go to Profile > Settings > PayID and add your mobile number. If you already have PayID set up with another financial institution, you’ll first need to let them know that you want to change the account that your PayID is linked to.

To use the drag and drop feature you will need two accounts which are both eligible for fund transfers – not all accounts are eligible:

  1. Hold your finger/press on the account until the $ icon appears
  2. Drag into the account you want to transfer into
  3. Enter the amount you want to transfer

Yes, you can. You’ll notice the new smart search bar will make it easier to find most things. For example, if you want to make a payment to Julie, just type ‘Pay Julie’ and select the right Julie to proceed.

Things you should know

Online Banking Terms and Conditions apply.

Mobile and Tablet Banking applications are only available for use by Westpac Australia customers.

Internet connection is needed to access Westpac Mobile Banking app. Normal mobile data charges apply.

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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