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Pre-order foreign currency

Buy foreign currency and traveller's cheques before leaving.

Having cash makes arrival at your destination easier allowing you to pay for incidental expenses like taxi fares or a quick meal. The smart thing to do is order or buy your foreign currency in advance.

Of course, traveller's cheques are a secure and convenient way to carry 'money'. American Express Traveller's Cheques can be cashed free of charge at over 65,000 locations globally.

A combination of travel card, traveller's cheques, foreign cash, credit cards and debit card will ensure you’re covered for most possibilities.

Where to buy foreign currency and traveller's cheques

You can pre-order foreign cash and traveller's cheques (delivered within 3 business days) at most Westpac branches in the following currencies, or purchase online.

Currencies available for pre-order

Country Currency Currency code Foreign banknotes Travellers' cheques
United States Dollars  USD    
United Kingdom Pounds GBP    
Europe Euro EUR    
Brunei Darussalem Dollars BND    
Canada Dollars CAD    
Denmark Kroner DKK    
Fiji Dollars FJD    
French Pacific Francs XPF    
Hong Kong Dollars HKD    
Japan Yen JPY    
Malta Lire MTL    
New Zealand Dollars NZD    
Norway Kroner NOK    
Saudi Arabia Riyals SAR    
Singapore Dollars SGD    
South Africa Rand ZAR    
Sweden Kronor SEK    
Switzerland Francs CHF    
Thailand Baht THB    
Tonga Pa'anga TOP    
Vanuatu Vatu VUV    
Samoa Tala WST    
Other currencies are available on application.

Need to sell foreign cash and travellers cheques?

Westpac branches buy foreign currency and traveller's cheques and provides immediate AUD value in cash or the proceeds can be credited to your account.

Look at our rate sheet for today’s exchange rates.

A travel companion that could actually save you money.

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